Deceased Members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians between Oct. 1, 2012 – March 31, 2013

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This is a list of deceased members of the Tribe whose estate is entitled to a pro rata share of the deceased member’s per capita distribution of net gaming revenues for the period Oct. 1, 2012 – March 31, 2013 pursuant to Section 16C-5 of the Cherokee Code.

This section does not apply to deceased minors.  Distribution to the estate of a deceased member may be made only to the authorized, or court appointed, executor or administrator of the estate.  The Enrollment Office must have on file a letter or other written document from the Cherokee Court or other court appointing an executor or administrator for the estate.  Please submit in person to the Tribal Enrollment Office at 808 Acquoni Road, Ginger Lynn Welch Complex or mail to Enrollment Office, PO Box 2069, Cherokee, NC 28719.

Please report the death of an enrolled member to the Enrollment Office at 828-554-6464, 6466, 6467, 6465 or call if you have any questions.


Last Name First Middle Maiden Executor DeathDate
Appleton Derwin Michael 12/17/2012
Bird Dwayne Vincent 3/2/2013
Bowman Tyler Shane 3/9/2013
Brewer Dakota Sneed 2/20/2013
Brown Nancy Teesateskie 3/11/2013
Calonahaskie Elizabeth Eva Conseen 3/18/2013
Cambron Jonathan Andrew 10/17/2012
Carter Bobby Raymond 1/10/2013
Cisneros Mildred Messer Executor Stacy E. Edwards 11/23/2012
Clements Jessie Cooper Executor James L. Bruner 11/15/2012
Craig Robert Donald Executor Annette M. Craig 12/22/2012
Crawford Fred Executor Clerk Of Court – L N Brown Jr 10/3/2012
Crowl Carolyn Winifred Webb 12/25/2012
Driver Wesley 3/7/2013
Driver, Jr. Jim 3/9/2013
Dupree Betty Ann Craig Executor Alan Theodore Smith 10/18/2012
Fox Vicky Lynn Jumper Executor Robert Jumper 12/30/2012
Gloyne Jindrek Marley 1/20/2013
Goforth Anna Lee Lunsford 11/30/2012
Hardin David Norman Executor Norma Rae Hardin Taylor 12/23/2012
Helsel Wendy Lee Mason Executor Patricia Lambert 10/25/2012
Hornbuckle Lena Yvonne 2/24/2013
Jackson Geneva Rose Sneed 2/19/2013
Kekahbah Anthony Paul 3/3/2013
Lambert Juanita Adams Executor Loretta Lambert Callicutt 10/3/2012
Lambert Wilma Lee Beck Executor Teresa L. Williamson 11/20/2012
Larch Francis Allen 1/19/2013
Leach Sherry Jean Bernhisel Executor Jean Arlenea Chapa 10/7/2012
Ledford Jordan Shane Executor Brenda Kay Wildcatt 10/29/2012
Ledford Lou Belle Payne 10/13/2012
Littlejohn Jeremiah Executor Deborah O. Littlejohn 2/4/2013
Locust Gwendolyn Faye Ross 3/14/2013
Luff Mary Ann Lambert 3/27/2013
Maney Conrad (Ralph) Hyatt Executor Paula M. Nelson 2/15/2013
Maney Lawanda Jane Sampson 2/18/2013
McCoy Lucinda George Executor Debra M. Locust 3/10/2013
Montano Christine Ella Arch 12/29/2012
Oocumma Randall David 1/19/2013
Palmer Floyd Anthony 1/28/2013
Panther Prestyn R-ly 3/17/2013
Parker Clifford Gerard Executor Barbara Lambert 12/1/2012
Parker Harold Lee Executor Kathleen W. Parker 1/4/2013
Perez, Jr. Martin Executor Veronica Lynn Lossiah 11/23/2012
Pheasant Randolph Scott Executor Randalena Pheasant 1/8/2013
Poe Sara Jane Long 2/9/2013
Robinson Rosalee Irene Lambert Executors L. Ray Robinson & Lisa Robinson Tiger 10/14/2012
Roland Nonie Marie Hensley Executor Kerry Neal Roland 11/18/2012
Ross Martha Ann Lossiah Executor Candy Rae Ross 2/15/2013
Shell Robert Boyd Executor Keith S. Shell 11/25/2012
Shields Emily Suzanne Abraham 3/25/2013
Smith Flora Mae Kanott 12/23/2012
Smith James Willard 3/19/2013
Smith John Daniel 1/11/2013
Smith John Allen Executor Lucetta French 10/17/2012
Smoker Davidson Ray Executor Owen Joseph Smoker 10/29/2012
Smythe Sarah Jane Reed 3/27/2013
Stamey, Jr. Bill Boyd 10/8/2012
Taylor Darrell 12/26/2012
Taylor Guy John 12/7/2012
Taylor Tony Earl 3/18/2013
Turner Clyta Patterson Executor Carolyn Turner Filer 11/18/2012
Wachacha Jerome 1/2/2013
Walkingstick Frances Mildred Catt Executor Rose Mccoy 11/26/2012
Watty David Norman 3/27/2013
Watty Rose Ann Driver 1/1/2013
Welch Francis Terry Executor Glenda Dale Owl Welch 11/3/2012
Wiggins Linda Marlene Maney 2/11/2013
Wolfe Eric Jason 3/26/2013
Wolfe James Lloyd 12/2/2012
Youngdeer Tsa-Ni A-Li-ti-sgi 12/1/2012