Bat Moratorium begins April 15

by Apr 4, 2013Happenings0 comments

indiana_batTree/Timber cutting permits will be delaying beginning Monday, April 15 for the annual Indiana bat cutting moratorium.  This moratorium period runs from April 15- Oct. 14.  The reason for the moratorium is that during this time the Indiana Bat, an endangered species, inhabits the area mating and rearing offspring. The bat prefers trees that exhibit good denning characteristics including holes, dens, cavities, and bark flaps. During daylight hours, the bats retreat to these locations and rest, emerging in the evening to feed during the night.  They typically fly along stream courses, meadows, and open forest understories where they feed on mosquitoes, moths, midges, and beetles. The bats are a tremendous help by keeping flying insect populations down.

– David Lambert, Cherokee Agency forest manager