Hospital employees recognized for service

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Cherokee Indian Hospital tribal employees were recognized for years of service during the October Employee Forum. Five year employees recognized were:  Chad Cooper, Mary Crawford, Jeannie Oocumma-Driver, Carol Jackson, Willard Lossie, Jody Bradley, Stuart Maynard, Kristina Queen, Robert Ross, Janet Shuler, Carolyn Sneed, Heather Sneed, and Joseph Wolfe.

Madge Lambert (center) was recognized for 18 years of service to the Cherokee Indian Hospital at the recent October Employee Forum. Lambert, shown with CEO Casey Cooper (left) and CIHA board member Carmaleta Monteith, retired in September. (CIHA photos)

Ten year employees recognized were:  Daisy Crowe, Tammy Gibby, Will Lambert, Kate McKittrick, James Sequoyah, and Sonya Wachacha.

Madge Lambert attended and was recognized for 18 years of service. She retired in September of this year.  The staff shared memories and stories of their time with Madge.

Juanita McCoy, a 30 year Cherokee Indian Hospital employee was recognized for her years of service.  She started in the laboratory at the old hospital as a part time, after school, employee of the CETA program.

“She has always worked in the Lab, and is treasured by staff and patients,” said Hospital officials.  “When Juanita speaks of retirement we ignore her and tell her she’s too young.  We refuse to let her go and her

Juanita McCoy holds a certificate of appreciation for 30 years of service to the Cherokee Indian Hospital.

patients agree.  CIH would like to congratulate and express its appreciation to these staff members for their years of service and taking care of our community.”

– Cherokee Indian Hospital