100th Cherokee Indian Fair Qualla Arts & Crafts award winners

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The Qualla Arts and Crafts display at the Cherokee Indian Fair included lots of beautiful Cherokee baskets. (SCOTT MCKIE B.P./One Feather)

Adult Division

Traditional Cherokee Unglazed Pottery (3 pieces): 1st – Mary W. Thompson, 2nd – Amanda Mabel Swimmer, 3rd – Edward Francis Jackson

Modern Pottery (3 pieces): 1st – Joel Queen, 2nd – Tara McCoy, 3rd – Mary W. Thompson

Old Style Cherokee Pottery (3 pieces): 1st – Joel Queen, 2nd – Bernadine George

Miniature Pottery 4” or less (3 pieces): 1st – Lucy Dean Reed, 2nd – Tara McCoy, 3rd – Tamara Thompson

Two Large Wood Carvings: 1st – Mario Louis Esquivel, 2nd – Mickey Rattler

Five Small Wood Carvings: 1st – Ronnie Curtis Bradley, 2nd – Robert Reed, 3rd – Jeremiah “Jerry” Wolfe

Three Stone Carvings: 1st – Frederick Lloyd Wilnoty, 2nd – John Grant, 3rd – Owen K. Walkingstick

Three Carved Masks: 1st – Mickey Rattler, 2nd – Francis Walkingstick, 3rd – Owen K. Walkingstick

Hand Carved Bowl: 1st – Jacquelyn Bradley Johnson, 2nd – Jack Ray Blankenship, 3rd – Owen K. Walkingstick

Two Wooden Utensils: 1st – James Wolfe, 2nd – Ronnie Curtis Bradley, 3rd – Reuben Teesatuskie

Blowgun w/6 darts: 1st – George E. Goings, 2nd – John Ed Walkingstick, 3rd – John I. Youngdeer

Bow w/2 arrows: 1st – John Ed Walkingstick, 2nd – Stan Tooni

Pair of Ballsticks: 1st – Jesse Toineeta, 2nd – Garfield Long Jr., 3rd – June (no last name given)

Mounted Arrowhead Collection: 1st – William E. Swimmer, 2nd – Davy Mitchell Arch

Wood Turning (3 pieces): 1st – Sibbald Jackson Lambert, 2nd – Holt Palmer Jr.

Wood Burning: 1st – Walter Bernhisel

Carved Basket Handles (5 pieces): 1st – Moses Oocumma

Pair of Cloth Dolls: 1st – Nancy Maney, 2nd – Stacy Bessie Wallace, 3rd – Loleta D. Sequoyah

Pair of Soft Sculptured Dolls: 1st – Nancy Maney, 2nd – Mildred Queen, 3rd – Mildred Queen

Two Cornhusk Dolls: 1st – Polly Rattler, 2nd – Mary Ella Crowe

Fingerweaving (3 pieces): 1st – Mary Ann Rich, 2nd – Crystal Rich, 3rd – Eugenia Thompson

Three Weapons: 1st – Jacquelyn Bradley Johnson, 2nd – Owen K. Walkingstick, 3rd – John Ed Walkingstick

Three Double Weave River Cane Baskets: 3rd – Geraldine Walkingstick

Three Double Weave White Oak Baskets: 1st – Geraldine Walkingstick

Three Single Weave River Cane Baskets: 1st – Mary A. Thompson, 2nd – Geraldine Walkingstick

Five White Oak Baskets: 1st – Maidena Wildcatt, 2nd – Faye C. Junaluska, 3rd – George E. Goings

Five Maple Baskets: 1st – Eva Reed

Five Honeysuckle Vine Baskets: 1st – Ruth Lossiah, 2nd – Stacy Rogers

Five Ribbed Baskets: 1st – Dinah Crowe, 2nd – Annie W. James, 3rd – Mary H. James

Five Pine Needle Baskets: 1st – Nancy C. Hornbuckle, 2nd – Rosalee Robinson

Set of five Woven Trays: 1st – Shirley Taylor, 2nd – Ramona J. Taylor

Displayed Three Wall Mats: 1st – James Wesley Long, 2nd – Waylon Long, 3rd – Jane Wolfe

Three Miniature White Oak Baskets: 1st – Betty Maney, 2nd – Geraldine Walkingstick, 3rd – Matilda R. Calhoun

Three Miniature Honeysuckle Vine Baskets: 1st – Marian L. Wolfe, 2nd – Ollie Littlejohn Bigwitch, 3rd – Pearl Judy Wolfe

Three Miniature Ribbed Baskets: 3rd – Dinah Crowe

Display of Basket Dyes: 1st – Mary H. James, 2nd – James A. Tooni

Three Dance Rattles: 1st – Jacquelyn Bradley Johnson, 2nd – Debra M. Locust

Two Drums: 1st – Mickey Rattler, 2nd – Richard Saunooke

Three Pieces of Pony Bead Beadwork: 1st – Mary James, 2nd – Kim Bottchenbaugh, 3rd – Pearl Wolfe

Three Pieces of Seed Bead Beadwork: 1st – Wendy W. Logan, 2nd – Amanda Hope McMillan McCoy, 3rd – Joseph Toineeta

Three Pieces of Hex Bead Beadwork: 1st – Wendy W. Logan, 2nd – Taryn Walkingeagle, 3rd – Stanley Ledford

Three Pieces of Cut Bead Beadwork: 1st – Wendy W. Logan, 2nd – Betty Maney, 3rd – Sharon C. McCoy

18” Painting: 1st – Luke Swimmer, 2nd – Driver Pheasant Jr., 3rd – Driver Pheasant Jr.

Pen and Ink Drawing: 1st – Robert R. Groenewold, 2nd – Landon Sampson Crow, 3rd – Ashley B. Brady

Pencil/Pastel Drawing: 1st – Luke Swimmer, 2nd – Manuel Hernandez, 3rd – Ronnie Curtis Bradley

Open Division: 1st – Jacquelyn Bradley Johnson, 2nd – Owen K. Walkingstick, 3rd – James R. Squirrell

Best of Show: 1st – James Wesley Long, 2nd – Joel Queen, 3rd – Maidena Wildcatt


Young Adult Division

Woodcarving: 1st – Cole Turner Wildcatt, 2nd – Nichalus Isaiah Hill

Two Pieces of Weaponry: 1st – Xavier Locust

Two White Oak Baskets: 1st – Lauren Christian Goings, 2nd – Peri Arizona Wildcatt

Two Pieces Seed Bead Beadwork: 1st – Franciso Javier, 2nd – Kyleigh Brynn Wiggins

Drawing/Pastel: 1st – Tagan Kapp Crowe, 2nd – Dora Drelyn Crowe, 3rd – Fabian Kane Crowe

Paintings: 1st – Tagan Kapp Crowe

Open Division (2 items): 1st – Xavier Locust

Best of Show: 1st – Lauren Christian Goings, 2nd – Tagan Kapp Crowe, 3rd – Francisco Javier


Youth Division

Two White Oak Baskets: 1st – Mykel Tai Saloli Lossiah, 2nd – Deliah Esquivel, 3rd – Kalista Amelia Luther

Two Honeysuckle Baskets: 1st – Milli Bryson

Pony Bead Beadwork: 1st – Isabella Precious Irene Driver, 2nd – Kaslyn Driver, 3rd – Zachariah Rattler Jr.

Seed Bead Beadwork: 1st – Carl Ray McCoy, 2nd – Zachariah Rattler Jr., 3rd – Kamia Wiggins

Two Pieces of Pottery: 1st – Deliah Esquivel, 2nd – Nickolas John Wolfe, 3rd – Danica Kree Hill

Drawing/Pastel: 1st – Mystikal Armachain, 2nd – Toby McCoy

Painting: 1st – Lauren Alexis Luther, 2nd – Jacob Logan Hill, 3rd – Katherine Abra Armachain

Open Division (2 items): 1st – Latika French, 2nd – Kyler Dean Hill, 3rd – Carl Ray McCoy

Best of Show: 1st – Latika French, 2nd – Mykel Tai Saloli Lossiah, 3rd – Deliah Esquivel