Chief’s Challenge draws close to 200 participants

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The 3rd annual Chief’s Challenge to benefit the Madison Hornbuckle Children’s Cancer Foundation was a success.  What started out to be a rainy day turned out to nice and sunny for the one-mile sprint to the finish line.

Kimberly Lambert throws her hands up in celebration near the finish line of the 3rd Annual Chief’s Challenge on Tuesday, Oct. 2. (Photo courtesy of Cherokee Choices)

There were 199 registered participants who came out to support the Madison Hornbuckle Children’s Cancer Foundation.  The breakdowns of participants are: 100 male and 99 females, with 99 of those runners and 100 of them being walkers.

Community participation was: Big Cove 44, Birdtown 28, Wolftown 28 and Yellowhill 13.

Cherokee Choices related they would like to thank the following volunteers who helped accomplish a successful outcome:  Mike Thompson, Judy Castorena, Michelle Lopez, Ralph-Wright Murphy, Robin Swayney, Bessie Swayney, Kathi Littlejohn, Laura, Jan, and Dee Smith, Elnora Thompson, Alicia Jacobs, Donna Paul, Gerri Grady, the EBCI Executive Office Staff, Cherokee Indian Police Dept., Cherokee Transit Dept., and Oconaluftee Job Corps.

“Also, we would like to thank Chief Hicks and the entire Madison Hornbuckle Children’s Cancer Foundation Committee Members,” said Cherokee Choices officials.

Overall top three

1st-Mathew Climbingbear-5:33

2nd-Rodney Tatum-5:47

3rd-Jeremy Wilson-5:56


Female 6 and under

1st-Calla Tatum-10:23

2nd– Marlee Hicks-11:33

3rd-Zakya Hogner- 11:42


Male 6 and under

1st– Jack Teesatuskie- 10:41

2nd– Tyce Hogner- 11:04


Female 7-10

1st– Amaya Hicks-8:48

2nd– Namoi Smith -9:11 &Willa Mae Bible- 9:13(Namoi was put in the wrong age bracket)

3rd-Dayle Joseph-9:58


Male 7-10

1st-Jordan Arkansas-7:48

2nd– Jayce Daniels-8:13

3rd-Jeb Shuler-8:34


Female 11-14

1st– Lynsey Hicks-6:28

2nd– Tori Teesateskie-7:31

3rd– Ayianna West-7:32


Male 11-14

1st– Shane Swimmer-6:02

2nd– Donovan Williams-6:25

3rd– Yalego Sadongie-7:02


Female 15-18

1st– Shayne Ledford- 7:45


Male 15-18

1st– Zane Wachacha-6:34

2nd– Trace Shuler-6:48

3rd– Gabe Crow- 7:46


Male 19-25

1st– Alberto Cruz-6:30

2nd– Wesley Bird-6:57

3rd-Alex Cruz-7:05


Female 26-35

1st-Skye Littledave-8:23

2nd– Ahlisha Stevens- 8:43

3rd– Jessica Daniels- 9:00


Male 26- 35

1st– Aaron Hogner-6:53

2nd– Bo Crowe-7:03

3rd– Rob Stamper-9:37


Female 36-45

1st– Lena Swan- 11:14

2nd– Ulela Harris- 18:01


Male 36- 45

1st – Bryan Kinsey- 7:07

2nd– Johnny Hicks- 7:14

3rd– Scott Brings Plenty- 8:48


Male 46-50

1st– Mark Kephart-6:41

2nd– Charlie Myers-10:54

3rd– Michell Hicks- 11:33


Female 51 +

1st– Devorah Conseen-Bradley- 10:18

2nd– Sandra Muse- 13:26

3rd– Merina Myers- 13:27


Male 51 +

1st– Bill Wright- 6:27

2nd– Clement Calhoun- 7:48

3rd– Steven Whitehorn- 10:11

– Cherokee Choices