100th Cherokee Indian Fair Cooperative Extension Awards

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These bundles of corn were just part of the numerous award-winning agricultural displays at the Cherokee Indian Fair last week. (SCOTT MCKIE B.P./One Feather)

Senior Elder Division

Agriculture: 1st – Annie James, 2nd – Jean Arch

Baked Goods: 1st – Jean L. Okelley, 2nd – Delores Maney

Open: 1st – Hazel McCollough, 2nd – Delores Maney, 3rd – Gertrude Fran


Exceptional Needs Division

Adult Open: 1st – James Nix, 2nd – Robert Kanott, 3rd – Jennifer L. Roberts

Youth Open: 1st – Tsali Welch


Adult Division

8-jar canning: 1st – Janet Walkingstick, 2nd – Angela Gunter, 3rd – Nancy Brown, 4th – Lillie Bird

Jam and Fruit Butters: 1st – Janet Walkingstick, 2nd – Taryn Walkingeagle, 3rd – Wayne Wolfe

Pickle and Relish: 1st – Lizzie Bernal (Best of Show Adult Canning), 2nd – Angela Gunter, 3rd – Merritt Youngdeer

Vegetable Collection: 1st – Bessie Welch, 2nd – Merritt Youngdeer, 3rd – Arlyce Watkins

Best Traditional Food: 1st – Janet Walkingstick, 2nd – Stacy Wallace, 3rd – Arlynce Watkins

Sewing 1700s era: 1st – Amy Grant Walker, 2nd – Frances Maney, 3rd – Malaciah Taylor

Sewing 1800s era: 1st – Richard Saunooke, 2nd – Frances Maney, 3rd – Stacey Wallace

Pucker Toe Moc: 1st – Madison Crowe

Dance Shawl: 1st – Frances Maney

Beaded Moccasins: 1st – Richard Saunooke (Best of Show Adult Sewing)

Non-Beaded Moccasins: 1st – Richard Saunooke

Other Sewn Item: 1st – Olga Tahquette, 2nd – Frances Maney

Sewing Reflecting the Fair Theme: 1st – Frances Maney, 2nd – Malachiah Taylor

Afghan Crochet: 1st – Candice Crowe, 2nd – Gertrude Fann

Afghan Knitted: 1st – Hazel McCollough

Quilt Pieced: 1st – Janice Smith, 2nd – Rita Driver, 3rd – Frances Owl Smith

Quilt Hand Quilted: 1st – Lillie Bird

Quilt Appliqued: 1st – Frances Owl Smith, 2nd – Stacy Wallace, 3rd – Janice Smith

Quilt Baby: 1st – Terinda Whisenant, 2nd – Lillie Bird, 3rd – Stacy Wallace

Quilt Other: 1st – Rita Driver, 2nd – Edna Hornbuckle, 3rd – Frances Maney

Baby Afghan: 1st – Radonna Crowe

Baby Clothes: 1st – Janice Foltz (Best of Show Adult Needlework)

Sweaters: 1st – Janice Foltz, 2nd – Radonna Crowe

Scarf: 1st – Hazel McCollough, 2nd – Radonna Crowe

Crochet Other: 1st – Samantha Crowe-Hernandez, 2nd – Radonna Crowe

Pillow Case: 1st – Edna Hornbuckle, 2nd – Stacy Wallace, 3rd – Charlene Wolfe

Counted Cross Stitch: 1st – Marina Catt

Stamped Cross Stitch: 1st – Edna Hornbuckle, 2nd – Doris Catt

Embroidery: 1st – Edna Hornbuckle, 2nd – Valerie Wolfe, 3rd – Keleetah Wolfe

Needlework Other: 1st – Edna Hornbuckle, 2nd – Jennifer Wachacha, 3rd – Rita Driver

Dried Flower Arrangment: 1st – Nancy Brown

Wildflowers: 1st – Nancy Brown, 2nd – Arlyce Watkins, 3rd – Janice Foltz

Garden flower arrangement: 1st – Janice Foltz, 2nd – Nancy Brown, 3rd – Debbie Taylor

Decorated Gourd, Wood Burned: 1st – Chad Cooper

Decorated Gourd, Painted: 1st – Brian Brinson, 2nd – Juanita Harris, 3rd – Barbara Ammons

Decorated Gourd, Other: 1st – Theresa Frasher, 2nd – Chad Cooper, 3rd – Nancy Brown

Cherokee Nature Photo: 1st – Angela Gunter (Best of Show Photography), 2nd – Kristy Herron, 3rd – Consuela Girty

Cherokee Places Photo: 1st – Angela Gunter, 2nd – Ruben Teesatuskie, 3rd – Richard Saunooke

Cherokee Faces Photo: 1st – Angela Gunter, 2nd – Dawn Arneach, 3rd – Birdie Harlan

Other Photo: 1st – Consuela Girty, 2nd – Cynthia Guilford, 3rd – Lana Jo Lambert

3 Photos Telling a Story: 1st – Cynthia Guilford, 2nd – Rowena Teesatuskie, 3rd – Trudy Crowe

Reflecting the Fair Theme Photo: 1st – Ruben Teesatuskie, 2nd – Donna Wolfe, 3rd – Angela Gunter

Beaded Item: 1st – Taryn Walkingeagle, 2nd – Mary James, 3rd – Lizzie Bernal

Pencil Drawing: 1st – Madison Crowe, 2nd – Takashi Cruz, 3rd – Jakeli Swimmer

Painting, Oil: 1st – Lou Jackson

Painting, Acrylic: 1st – Thomas Driver Sr., 2nd – Lori Reed, 3rd – Nancy Brown

Painting, Other: 1st – Thomas Driver, Sr.

Birdhouse or Birdfeeder: 1st – Chanice Taylor, 2nd – Nancy Brown

Poetry or Creative Writing: 1st – Kimlyn S. Lambert

Woodworking, Any: 1st – Billy Edward Wolfe, 2nd – Holt Palmer, 3rd – Keith Sneed

Woodworking, Furniture: 1st – Stacey Wallace, 2nd – Madison Crowe, 3rd – Donald Thompson

Ceramics: 1st – Mary W. Thompson, 2nd – Lovedy Gross, 3rd – Madison Crowe

Scrapbook: 1st – Roberta Gloyne, 2nd – Reva Ballew, 3rd – Nancy Brown

Traditional Basket: 1st – Geraldine Walkingstick, 2nd – Jennifer Wachacha, 3rd – Britnee Gibson

Contemporary Basket: 1st – Geraldine Walkingstick, 2nd – James Tooni, 3rd – Annie James

Carving: 1st – Billy Edward Wolfe

Hobby, Other: 1st – Edna Hornbuckle, 2nd – Jennifer Wachacha, 3rd – Billy Edward Wolfe

Hobby, Other Reflecting Theme: 1st – Taryn Walkingeagle, 2nd – Keith Sneed, 3rd – Malachiah Taylor

Indian Corn Multi: 1st – Roy Lambert, 2nd – Charles Bradley

Indian Flour Corn, Yellow: 1st – Roy Lambert

Indian Flour Corn, White: 1st – Roy Lambert, 2nd – James Walkingstick, 3rd – Chad Cooper

Indian Flour Corn, Other: 1st – James Lossiah, 2nd – Ralph Burgess, 3rd – Roy Lambert

Indian Field Corn, White: 1st –Ralph Burgess, 2nd – Roy Lambert

Field Corn, Yellow: 1st – Nancy Brown, 2nd – Keith Sneed, 3rd – Maxine Burgess

Popcorn: 1st – Roy Lambert

Indian Beans, October: 1st – Roy Lambert

Butterbeans: 1st – Roy Lambert

Butter and October Beans: 1st – Roy Lambert

Other Traditional Type Bean: 1st – Roy Lambert (Best in Show Agriculture), 2nd – Amy Grant Walker

Honey 3 jars w/comb: 1st – Keith Sneed, 2nd – John L. Haigler, 3rd – Ralph Burgess

Corn Beads: 1st – Roy Lambert, 2nd – Loleta Sequoyah, 3rd – Terinda Whisenant

Herb Display: 1st – Charlene Wolfe

White Irish Potatoes: 1st – Roy Lambert, 2nd – Ralph Burgess, 3rd – Amy Grant Walker

Red Irish Potatoes: 1st – Roy Lambert, 2nd – Sabrina Taylor

Sweet Potatoes: 1st – Ella Lee Lossiah

Candy Roaster: 1st – Nancy Brown

Cushaw, Orange or Green Stripe: 1st – Roy Lambert, 2nd – Chad Cooper

Other Winter Squash: 1st – Janet Walkingstick, 2nd – Annie James, 3rd – Amy Grant Walker

Largest Pumpkin: 1st – Chad Cooper, 2nd – Arlyce Watkins, 3rd – Maxine Burgess

Ugliest Pumpkin: 1st – Chad Cooper

Painted Pumpkin: 1st – Charlene Wolfe

Other Pumpkin: 1st – Chad Cooper, 2nd – Annie James, 3rd – Chanice Taylor

Gourds in Basket: 1st – Chad Cooper, 2nd – Reva Ballew, 3rd – Arlyce Watkins

Birdhouse Gourd: 1st – Chad Cooper, 2nd – Merritt Youngdeer, 3rd – Charlene Wolfe

Dipper Gourd: 1st – Chad Cooper

Other Gourd: 1st – Chad Cooper, 2nd – Annie James

Largest Gourd: 1st – Chad Cooper

Largest Sunflower: 1st – Malachiah Taylor, 2nd – Lizzie Bernal, 3rd – Chad Cooper

Traditional Crop: 1st – Sonya Lossiah, 2nd – Chad Cooper, 3rd – Charlene Wolfe

Unusual Vegetable: 1st – Merritt Youngdeer, 2nd – Roy Lambert

Traditional Crops of Cherokee: 1st – Merritt Youngdeer, 2nd – Charlene Wolfe

Chief’s Family Garden Project: 1st – Carroll Crowe Jr., 2nd – Holt Palmer, 3rd – Arlyce Watkins

Bean Bread: 1st – Tamara Thompson (Best in Show Baked Goods), 2n d- Matilda Calhoun, 3rd – Cassandra Bradley

Chestnut Bread: 1st – Mary E. W. Lambert, 2nd – Matilda Calhoun, 3rd – Sharon McCoy

Yeast Rolls: 1st – Sharon McCoy, 2nd – Lillie Bradley, 3rd – Lisa Taylor

Breads, Other: 1st – Tamara Thompson, 2nd – Stacy Wallace, 3rd – Sharon Owle

Pound Cake: 1st – Reva Brown, 2nd – Nancy D. McConnell, 3rd – Brittney Rodgers

Apple Cake: 1st – Stacy Wallace, 2nd – Nancy Brown, 3rd – Mary James

Cakes, Other: 1st (tie) – Renee Long Cole and Sharon Owle, 2nd – Annie James, 3rd – Sharon McCoy

Apple Pie: 1st – Doris Smith, 2nd – Annie James, 3rd – Agnes Reed

Fruit Cobbler: 1st – Doris Smith, 2nd – Charlotte Taylor, 3rd – Reva Brown

Peach Pie: 1st – Doris Smith, 2nd – Reva Brown

Pecan Pie: 1st – Stacy Wallace

Pumpkin, Squash, Sweet Pie: 1st – Kim Smith, 2nd – Doris Smith

Pie, Other: 1st – Janice Foltz, 2nd – Janet Walkingstick, 3rd – Debbie Taylor

Diabetic Cooking: 1st – Stacy Wallace, 2nd – Jean Crowe Lira, 3rd – Alissa Lambert


Young Adult Division

Any Canned Food: 1st – Joshua Taylor (Best of Show Canned Food), 2nd – Joi Owle, 3rd – Sindie Yanez

Any Dried Food: 1st – Madeline Welch

Cookies: 1st – Jeremy Parker, 2n d- Kaitlyn Parker, 3rd – Sindie Yanez

Fudge: 1st – Jeremy Parker, 2nd – Kaitlyn Parker

Muffins: 1st – Jeremy Parker, 2nd – Drelyn Crowe, 3rd – Alexa Armachain

Bean Bread: 1st – Alexa Armachain, 2nd – Jalen Matola, 3rd – Madeline Welch

Chestnut Bread: 1st – Jalen Matola (Best of Show Baked Goods)

Sweet Potato Bread: 1st – Ashley Bradley

Baked Goods, Other: 1st – Jeremy Parker, 2nd – Kaitlyn Parker, 3rd – Alexa Armachain

Pottery: 1st – Amorie Gunter

Basketry: 1st – Arizona Wildcatt, 2nd – Jneshirrah Sutton, 3rd – Carmen Johnson

Weaving: 1st – Rafaelita Magana, 2nd – Kayla Johnson

Painting, Watercolor: 1st – Dora Crowe, 2nd – Haley Smith

Painting, Acrylic: 1st – Tagan Crowe (Best in Show Hobby), 2nd – Dre Crowe, 3rd – Haley Smith

Painting, Other: 1st – Dre Crowe, 2nd – Alexa Armachain, 3rd – Haley Smith

Lead Pencil Drawing: 1st – Estella Millsaps, 2nd – Rachel Christine Driver, 3rd – Hannah Ledford

Colored Pencil Drawing: 1st – Madeline Welch

Pen and Ink Drawing: 1st – Dre Crowe

Other Drawing: 1st – Dora Crowe, 2nd – Christian Driver

Beading Jewelry: 1st – Haley Smith, 2nd – Breanna Smith, 3rd – Kayla Johnson

Other Beading: 1st – Breanna Smith, 2nd – Kayla Johnson

Stonecarving: 1st – Xavier Locust

Woodcarving: 1st – Xavier Locust, 2nd – Cole Wildcatt, 3rd – Madeline Welch

Woodworking, Any: 1st – Xavier Locust, 2nd – Drew Johnson

Recycle Craft: 1st – Drew Johnson

Going Green Essay : 1st – Kayla Johnson

Poetry/Creative Writing: 1st – Estella Millsaps, 2nd – Madeline Welch, 3rd – Jessica Lambert

Tie-Dyed Item: 1st – Kayla Johnson, 2nd – Alexa Armachain, 3rd – Amorie Gunter

Jewelry: 1st – Madeline Welch, 2nd – Kayla Johnson

Other Hobby: 1st – Joi Owle, 2nd – Drew Johnson, 3rd – Breanna Smith

Cherokee Nature Photo: 1st – Reno Wachacha, 2nd – Ashley Crowe

Cherokee Places Photo: 1st – Joshua Taylor

Cherokee Faces Photo: 1st – Ashley Crowe, 2nd – Amorie Gunter

Other Photography: 1st – Ashley Crowe

Reflecting the Fair Theme Photo: 1st – Tagan Crowe, 2nd – Breanna Smith, 3rd – Dre Crowe

Corn Beads: 1st – EBCI Health & Medical, 2nd – Francisco Javier

Herb Display: 1st – Alexa Armachain (Best of Show Agriculture)

Irish Potato: 1st – Alexa Armachain

Red Potato: 1st – Alexa Armachain

Sweet Potato: 1st – EBCI Health & Medical

Candy Roaster: 1st – EBCI Health & Medical

Largest Candy Roaster: 1st – EBCI Health & Medical

Other Winter Squash: 1st – Alexa Armachain

Ugliest Pumpkin: 1st – Alexa Armachain

Painted Pumpkin: 1st – Alexa Armachain

Pumpkin, Other: 1st – Joshua Taylor

Ornamental Gourds: 1st – Joshua Taylor

Birdhouse Gourds: 1st – EBCI Health & Medical, 2nd – Alexa Armachain

Largest Sunflower: 1st – Sindie Yanez, 2nd – EBCI Health & Medical, 3rd – Joshua Taylor

Traditional Cherokee Crop: 1st – Alexa Armachain, 2nd – EBCI Health & Medical, 3rd – Madeline Welch

Unusual Vegetable: 1st – EBCI Health & Medical

Special Contest Traditional Crop: 1st – Alexa Armachain, 2nd – EBCI Health & Medical

Chief’s Family Garden Project: 1st – Joi Owle

Flower Arrangement: 1st – Madeline Welch

Any Clothing Item: 1st – Briana Smith

Any Other Sewn Item: 1st – Daliyah Wolfe, 2nd – Ashley Bradley


Youth Division

Any Canned Food: 1st – Jalen Matola (Best of Show Youth Canning), 2nd – Alverta Mi Li Henson, 3rd – Brandon Wolfe

Any Dried Food: 1st – Jalen Matola

Cookies: 1st – Katherine Armachain, 2nd – Johnny Bradley, 3rd – Samantha Cole

Fudge: 1st – Katherine Armachain

Muffins: 1st – Tehya Sage Littlejohn, 2nd – Boie Crowe, 3rd – Isaiah Armachain

Bean Bread: 1st – Millie Bryson, 2nd – Johnny Bradley, 3rd – Katherine Armachain

Decorated Baked Good: 1st – Lillie Ann Ferguson, 2nd – Katherine Armachain, 3rd – Isaiah Armachain

Diabetic Food: 1st – Katherine Armachain, 2nd – Camryn Kazhe, 3rd – Aryana Cruz

Other Baked Good: 1st – Katherine Armachain, 2nd – Samantha Cole, 3rd – Chloe Lambert

Pottery: 1st – Samantha Cole, 2nd – Andrea McCoy, 3rd – Lornzo A. Ramirez

Basketry: 1st – Regan Curtice, 2nd – Braylon Arch, 3rd – Jalen Matola

Weaving: 1st – Lilyan Wright, 2nd – Shelby Wolfe, 3rd – Dawson Orr

Painting: 1st – Connor McCoy, 2nd – Nickolas Wolfe, 3rd – Hermione Ward

Painting, Watercolor: 1st – Dasan Cross, 2nd – Katherine Armachain, 3rd – Tehya Littlejohn

Painting, Acrylic: 1st – Connor McCoy, 2nd – Katherine Armachain, 3rd – Chayton Kruz

Painting, Oil: 1st – Hermione Ward, 2nd – Devy Rae George, 3rd – Katherine Armachain

Painting, Any Other: 1st – Boie Crowe, 2nd – Katherine Armachain, 3rd – Eva Welch

Drawing, Lead Pencil: 1st – Aiyana Rose Cruz, 2nd – Chayton Kruz, 3rd – Lillie Anna Ferguson

Drawing, Colored Pencil: 1st – Prairie Toineeta, 2nd – Tishara Sneed, 3rd – Haley Smith

Drawing, Pen and Ink: 1st – Chayton Kruz

Drawing, Other: 1st – Tishara Sneed, 2nd – Aiyana Rose Cruz, 3rd – Tehya Littlejohn

Beading, Jewelry: 1st – Shelby Wolfe, 2nd – Winston Welch, 3rd – Donald Bradley

Beading, Other: 1st – Boie Crowe, 2nd – Delia Esquivel, 3rd – Jacob Hill

Stonecarving: 1st – Braylon Arch, 2nd – Lornzo A. Ramirez, 3rd – Tanis Esquivel

Woodcarving: 1st – Jake Wiggins, 2nd – Devy Rae George

Woodworking, Any: 1st – Devy Rae George, 2nd – Alverta Henson

Doll: 1st – Samantha Cole, 2nd – Devy Rae George, 3rd – Tahlaya Nyree Thompson

Soft Sculpture: 1st – Katherine Armachain, 2nd – Winston Welch, 3rd – Delia Esquivel

Poetry or Creative Writing: 1st – Tehya Littlejohn

Tie-Dyed Item: 1st – Jalen Matola, 2nd – Katherine Armachain, 3rd – Isaiah Armachain

Jewelry: 1st – Melissa Seay, 2nd – Lornzo A. Ramirez, 3rd – Shelby Wolfe

Other Hobby: 1st – Eva Welch, 2nd – Devy Rae George, 3rd – Katherine Armachain

Recycled Craft: 1st – Tariq Underwood, 2nd – Katherine Armachain, 3rd – Raven Rattler

Hobby Reflecting the Theme: 1st – Winston Welch (Best of Show Hobby), 2nd – Connor McCoy, 3rd – Hermione Ward

Painted Gourd: 1st – Tanis Esquivel, 2nd – Connor McCoy, 3rd – Delia Esquivel

Cherokee Nature Photo: 1st – Gavin Teesateskie, 2nd – Natalie Haney, 3rd – Connor McCoy

Cherokee Places Photo: 1st – Karson Wildcatt

Cherokee Faces Photo: 1st – Katherine Armachain, 2nd – Karson Wildcatt

Other Photography: 1st – Brandon Wolfe, 2nd – Latika French, 3rd – Madison Orr

Storytelling Photo: 1st – Madison Orr

Indian Flour Corn, White: 1st – Lorenzo Ramirez

Popcorn: 1st – Katherine Armachain

Corn Beads: 1st – Levi Watkins, 2nd – Lidia Ramirez, 3rd – Katherine Armachain

Herb Display: 1st – Lucina Lira, 2nd – Isaiah Armachain, 3rd – Katherine Armachain

Irish Potatoes, White: 1st – Isaiah Armachain, 2nd – Lidia Ramirez, 3rd – Katherine Armachain

Red Potatoes: 1st – Isaiah Armachain, 2nd – Lidia Ramirez, 3rd – Katherine Armachain

Sweet Potato: 1st – Katherine Armachain

Cushaw: 1st – Katherine Armachain

Winter Squash: 1st – Isaiah Armachain

Largest Pumpkin: 1st – Lindley Wyatt, 2nd – Katherine Armachain

Ugliest Pumpkin: 1st – Isaiah Armachain, 2nd – Xavier Sanchez

Painted Pumpkin: 1st – Katherine Armachain, 2nd – Xavier Sanchez, 3rd – Donald Bradley

Other Pumpkin: 1st – Lindley Wyatt, 2nd – Katherine Armachain, 3rd – Carl McCoy

Ornamental Gourd: 1st – Katherine Armachain, 2nd – Lindley Wyatt, 3rd – Braylon Arch

Birdhouse Gourd: 1st – Tally Bradley, 2nd – Katherine Armachain, 3rd – Isaiah Armachain

Dipper Gourd: 1st – Isaiah Armachain

Other Gourd: 1st – Lindley Wyatt, 2nd – Katherine Armachain, 3rd – Isaiah Armachain

Largest Sunflower: 1st – Fala Welch, 2nd – Katherine Armachain, 3rd – Millie Bryson

Any Traditional Cherokee Crop: 1st– Katherine Armachain, 2nd – Tsali Welch, 3rd – Isaiah Armachain

Unusual Vegetable: 1st – Katherine Armachain, 2nd – Isaiah Armachain

Traditional 3 to 5 crops: 1st – Jalen Matola, 2nd – Tsali Welch, 3rd – Katherine Armachain

Chief’s Family Garden Project: 1st – Boie Crowe (Best in Show Agriculture), 2nd – Isaiah Armachain

Flower Arrangement: 1st – Eva Welch, 2nd – Tsali Welch, 3rd – Levi Watkins

Knitting: 1st – Haley Smith, 2nd – Abigail Taylor, 3rd – Makala McGaha