Chief’s Community Report – June 2

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     Doyu ulihelisdodi agiwonihisdi hi gvnigesv igvndii.

Principal Chief Michell Hicks

     The past few weeks have been exceptionally busy.  Spring and Summertime are always busier in Cherokee, and this year is no exception. I would like to take a moment to talk about some of the things I have been involved with over the past few weeks.

     I would like to start off by saying that I hope everyone enjoyed their Garden Kits, given out by the Cooperative Extension Office.  I fully expect everyone to have planted the seeds provided and I look forward to seeing all the wonderful gardens around Cherokee.    

     I have been blessed to have the opportunity to read to Kindergarteners in our area schools.  I have read to Cherokee Elementary School and Kituwah Academy and will be visiting the other schools in the next week or two.  This year’s book is Ogana In The Garden, written by Billie Jo Rich and Garfield Long Jr., Laura Powell illustrated the book.  The theme of this book is gardening, a matter close to my heart.  I believe that it is vitally important to establish good habits in our youth, including reading, gardening, and spending time with family.  For this reason, I present each child with a copy of the book as well as a small packet of seeds to plant at their home.  I hope everyone enjoys the book and this gives the families involved an opportunity to spend a little more time together. 

     Thursday May 16, tribal programs, various tribal employees and a few volunteers came together to clean and straighten up the Old High School.  There have been some instances of vandalism as well as maintenance issues which have caused some problems.  I would like to thank the many volunteers that came out to work, your assistance made a tremendous difference in the facility. 

     Finally, I would like to congratulate all the graduating seniors!  I, and the entire Cherokee community, am very proud of your accomplishments and I wish you the best of luck in your future ventures. 

     Unelanv adatolosdi nihi.