Fair Grounds Coordinator Selected

by May 23, 2011NEWS ka-no-he-da0 comments

     Howard Wahnetah, an EBCI tribal member and member of the Wolf Clan,  has been selected by the EBCI Travel & Tourism department as the Fair Grounds Coordinator.  He is the son of Robert and Frances Wahnetah and resides in the Yellowhill Community.

     Wahnetah attended the Cherokee Schools thru his junior year of high school.  He holds an MBA and a BS in secondary Education from Western Carolina University.  His previous work experience includes managerial duties in both the National Park System and State Parks.  He also has previous experience in Educational Administrative/Supervisory Duties. 

      Wahnetah has interest in basketball, football, mountain biking, camping, traveling, and new experiences. 

     He reports that he is extremely excited about having the opportunity to work with and for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. 

     Robert Jumper, Travel & Tourism manager, states, “We are extremely gratified that someone with Howard’s credentials sought this opportunity.  We feel he is a tremendous asset for our team.”

– EBCI Travel & Tourism