Dora Reed Staff attends In-Service Training

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     The staff at the Dora Reed Center attended quarterly in-service training on Friday, April 29.

Dora Reed staff members (shown counter-clockwise) attend in-service training: Delta Tramper, Berdie Toineeta, Sooge Chiltoskie, Myra Smith, and Virginia Johnson. (Photo courtesy of Ernestine Lossiah/Dora Reed)

     Brooke Postell, Swain County Health Dept., presented training on anaphylaxis and allergies. The staff was guided through the causes of allergies and the different types of reactions that can occur.

     At the end of the training, staff had to demonstrate the proper use and administration of the epipen in case of a serious allergic reaction. 

     The HOPE center presented training on Challenging Behaviors in Children and the staff were guided through various challenging sub topic stimulations that children face while developing.

     Subtopics presented were as follows:

  • Developmental Delay-Erma McMillan- Staff were guided through a cutting activity using a maze and mirror to enhance the difficulty of a delay and the effects on children.
  • Visual Impairment-Matt Martens- Staff were guided through a simulation on how a visual impairment can affect a child and their development.
  • Hearing Loss- Jerelyn Curtice- A stimulation activity using ear plugs and how impaired hearing can be frustrating to a child and their caregiver is the condition goes undetected. Ear infections are the leading cause of hearing impairment in young children.
  • Fine Motor Skills-Devlin Wilde- Staff were guided through a cutting activity using a glove on the opposite dominate hand, using scissors and a pattern to cut. Staff gained a better understanding of how the simple things become very complicated when delays are present.

     Lea Ann Andrews, Lisa Isaacs, and Alyssa Lambert finished out the session.