Mother’s Day 5K Event a Success

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     Cherokee Choices’ Mother’s Day Celebration 5K walk/run and Seven Clans Dialysis Patient Silent Auction Fundraiser was a huge success.  There were 93 walkers and 65 runners for a total of 158 participants.

The start of the annual Mother's Day 5K run/walk (Photo courtesy of Tara McCoy/Cherokee Choices)

     David Lee, owner of Lee Timing, served as race timer.  He stated, “ I enjoy working the races here in Cherokee, there is so much enthusiasm among the people.”

     All proceeds raised from the registration fees and the silent auction will go to the Seven Clans dialysis patients.

     Cherokee Choices and the Seven Clans Dialysis Center Staff related they would like to thank the following people who donated an item to the silent auction: Jim Long, Kissi Hornbuckle, Sean Ross, Veronica Toineeta, Butchand Louise Goings, Lucille Lossiah, Charlene Owle, Shan Goshorn, Tribal Grounds Coffee, Food Lion, Reservation Tire, Granny’s Kitchen, Mary, Cherokee Phoenix Theaters, Recreation Department, Angie Kalonaheskie, John Grant, Rosie Owl Marler, Peter’s Pancake, John Henry Driver, Transit, Andy Shaw and Dee Smith.

     Race organizers related, “A big thank you to the following volunteers who helped: Sam Otter and Tonya Carroll who organized and worked the silent auction; Kathy Paul; Beth Allen and Rachel Hoyle from the Dialysis Center, Jan, Dee, and Laura Smith; EBCI Transit, Cherokee Indian Police Department; Cherokee Tribal EMS; EBCI Facilities Dept; Cherokee Bottled Water and the EBCI Economic and Recreation Department for letting us use the Acquoni Expo Center facility.  If we have forgotten to mention anyone please accept our apologies.  We would also like to thank everyone who came out and participated to make this event a success.”

     The community with the most participation was Big Cove with 39 followed by Snowbird with 29.  Other communities included:  Painttown 18, Birdtown 16, Yellowhill 13, Wolftown 12 and Big Y 10.  A total of 25 participants came from neighboring counties.   The Big Cove Youth Relay Team consisting of Aubrey Little, K-Bear Arch and Darius West came in first in that event. 

     There was a tie between worksites with the most participation between Cherokee Indian Hospital and Cherokee Runners Club.  Out of the 158 participants, 55 were males and 103 were female

Winners List

Female (7-12)

1st – Cynthia Lane 23:37

2nd – Erin Teesatuskie 25:17

3rd – Ayianna West – 27:51

Male 7-12

1st – Matthew Climingbear 22:49

2nd – Fabian Crow 27:03

3rd – Michael Otter 30:24

Female 13-17

1st – Priscilla Squirrell 26:18

2nd – Madison Long 34:05

Male 13-17

1st – Bradley Green 20:20

2nd – Gabriel Crow 27:22

Female 18-24

1st – Dakota Long 36:09

Male 18-24

1st – Jake Swimmer 17:09

2nd – Alex Cruz 23:14

Female 25-34

1st – Kristin Bradley 26:16

2nd – Laura Blythe 27:24

3rd – Skye Littledave 29:16

Male 25-34

1st – Charles Tchakrider 23:38

2nd – Rob Stamper 25:43

3rd – Walker Bowman 26:13

Female 35-49

1st – Robin Swimmer 26:23

2nd – Tonya Rochester 30;48

3rd – Lisa Denzer 31:20

Male 35-49

1st – Brian Burgess 20:54

2nd – Stephan Swimmer 23:52

3rd – Shawn Spruce 26:11

Female 50+

1st – Melinda Donaldson 35:48

2nd – Carolina Oocumma 41:30

3rd – Gerry Grady 41:34

Male 50+

1st – Zane Bowman 33:39

2nd – Sean Grady 41:35

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