Native Artist Fellowships available from IARC

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The Indian Arts Research Center (IARC) at the School for Advanced Research (SAR) offers four artistin- residence fellowships annually to advance the work of mature and emerging Native artists. Each fellowship includes a $3,000 monthly stipend, housing, studio space, supplies allowance, and travel reimbursement to and from SAR. These fellowships provide time for artists to explore new avenues of creativity, to grapple with new ideas to further advance their work, and to strengthen existing talents.
 The fellowships support diverse creative disciplines such as sculpture, performance, basketry, painting, printmaking, digital art, mixed media, photography, pottery, writing, and film making.

Artist fellows must live on the SAR campus, complete a project resulting in the creation of one or more works, and make a public presentation at the end of their fellowship. While in residence, artists can access the IARC collection of Native arts for research and study. Additionally, SAR would like to see the fellow’s work represented in the object, archives, or photo collection; therefore, IARC requests the donation of a single piece created while working at SAR. If selected for the fellowship, artists must agree
to participate in interviews, photo sessions, video recordings, and exit interviews to document the fellow’s process and progress. This information will be entered into the IARC archives to serve as a permanent public record.

Submit the following materials by the Jan. 15, 2011 application deadline:
• Completed application form
• Current résumé (include education, relevant training, awards/honors, exhibitions, performances)
• Artist statement, no more than two pages in length
• Examples of your current work (will not be returned) as described below:

Visual Art: Submit 8 slides, print images, or CD of images (in jpeg or tiff format) of recent work. Each slide/image should indicate your name and a number corresponding to numbers on an accompanying sheet listing all slides/images submitted, along with the title of the piece, medium, size, and year of completion. Do not send portfolios or original work.

Writing: Writing samples should be photocopies of published work or clean, double-spaced, numbered manuscript pages in a common font so it is easy to read. Samples should not exceed 20 pages. Your name and the date of completion should appear on the sample. Do not send books or bound manuscripts.

Documentation of a stage or film production on VHS or DVD may also be included if applicable. Writers are encouraged to apply for the Lannan Fellowship.

Film/Video: Submit VHS videotape or DVD. Film/video scriptwriters should also send a script. Label each sample with your name, title, duration, and date of work. If your project is focused more on writing, please consider applying for the Lannan Fellowship. 

Dance/Performance Art: Submit VHS videotape or DVD. Label sample with your name, title, duration, and date of work.

Composers: Submit a CD, DVD, or cassette containing up to three works (labeled with title, your name, date completed, duration of composition), and, if available, the corresponding scores for the work. Total audio sample should not exceed 30 minutes and may be composed of entire pieces or excerpts.

Other Artists: If your project does not fall clearly within one of the above disciplines, please contact the IARC to discuss an appropriate work sample.

For additional information, call (505) 954-7205, e-mail, or visit the IARC web page at


– Source: IARC