Representative Crowe convicted of misdemeanor in Jan. 6, 2023 incident

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CHEROKEE, N.C. – Wayohi (Wolftown) Dinilawigi (Tribal Council) Rep. Bo Crowe was convicted of misdemeanor aggravated reckless endangerment in Tribal Court, receiving 1-year probation with a $250 fine on June 4. He was also required to pay court and probation supervision costs.

Rep. Crowe was recently convicted of the same charge in federal court, receiving 2 years probation.

Rep. Crowe pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charge of aggravated reckless endangerment, accepting a plea offer that dismissed the felony charges of assault inflicting serious bodily injury and assault by strangulation.

The conviction comes a year and a half after Rep. Crowe’s involvement in a physical altercation outside Harrah’s Cherokee Casino on the night of Jan 6, 2023.

The assault occurred after Rep. Crowe’s daughter and niece were involved in a traffic altercation with the victim. According to the prosecutor J. Kyle Smith, the teens said the incident started with the victim tailgating them and making them feel unsafe. Smith said both parties claimed the other was behaving aggressively on the road.

Security video presented to the court by the contract prosecutor outlined how the altercation unfolded. After some back and forth on Highway 19, the victim eventually pulled over at the entrance to the casino and exited his vehicle to examine what he claimed to be damage allegedly caused by an altercation with the teens. Rep. Crowe’s daughter had been on the phone with him throughout the incident and he arrived soon after with his son-in-law. According to Mr. Smith and the video record, the men can be seen arguing before Rep. Crowe struck the victim and then put him headlock from behind, allegedly rendering him unconscious.

“Cooler heads did not prevail that day,” said Prosecutor J. Kyle Smith of the incident.

Smith of the North Carolina District Attorney’s Office chose not to pursue the assault inflicting serious bodily injury charge, believing the severity of the victim’s injuries was not consistent with this charge. All charges outside of the misdemeanor aggravated reckless endangerment were dismissed.

Smith said the victim was informed of the prosecution’s plea offer and reported that the victim said he was not satisfied with the plea offer.

The victim did not appear at the hearing and could not be reached for comment. Rep. Crowe did not respond to a request for comment regarding his conviction by press time.

Presiding Judge Tracey Barret agreed with the prosecution’s request and sentenced Rep. Crowe to 6 months imprisonment, suspended, 1-year supervised probation with a $200 fee, a $250 fine, and a court fee of $190.

Judge Barrett said the hundreds of letters of support for Rep. Crowe from the community influenced her ruling. “You have so many supporters despite this aberration. You are a leader and have a responsibility to live up to the reputation you have,” she said.

According to the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Code of Ethics, Sec. 17-45.3 (16) Tribal officials shall maintain or enhance the honesty and integrity of their respective offices; and safeguard the reputation of the EBCI. Rep. Crowe must report his conviction to the Office of Internal Audit and Ethics within five days of the disposition.