SPEAKING OF FAITH: Real change comes from time alone in His Presence.

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Pastor, Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church.

Transcribed by Myra D. Colgate


Reference: Joshua 1:8-9, Proverbs 7:1-3, Isaiah 54:17, Matthew 24:6-14, 2 Corinthians10:3-5

“I said you’d be changed in My Presence,” saith the Lord, “If you have not experienced change in your life, if your old ways are still prevailing, if your old man is still in evidence, you have not spent time with Me that I desire.

“It isn’t a matter of self-control or disciplining your flesh with no help from Me” saith God. “If you will spend time in My Presence, you will be changed. Your pattern of life will be changed, your old man will begin to pass away. Your new man will begin to rise in the image of My Son. Your life will begin to bear much fruit. The evidence of your walk with Me will change because of spending much time in My Presence.

“If you’re having trouble getting rid of an old habit, if you are having trouble with your marriage, if your family relationships aren’t changing, you’re not spending the time with Me that would enable that change to come to pass. Your desire and the motivation of your heart to walk uprightly before Me is a product of becoming so close to Me that you do not want to bring hurt to Me. In natural relationships, when you love someone, you want to do the right things for them. You don’t want to hurt them.

“Well, as you spend time with Me,” saith God, “as you spend time in My Presence, we’ll develop a relationship that is closer than any earthly relationship. It will shape the pattern of your living. You’ll want to conform your ways to My Word simply because it’s the desire of your heart. Your life will change; but it will be a product of your spending time with Me.” (Lynne Hammond, 2007, Life Christian University, A Prophecy-2/7/1993)

When asked to set up a counseling session, I always ask that person what Scripture verse or verses they have been standing on in their prayer time. They can always be found in His Living Word.

We are to make our demands based on what we find is declared in His Word. We can have. What He has said He is giving to us. If a person wants to start a business, they should learn what is needed. Don’t beg for it, declare it, so God knows they know what is to be required of them as a seeker. Declare it for the Word of God is given to all who believe Him for it. The Word of God belongs to each person following His leading. What He has said, one can have. They should also know they have to obey His Word and that one’s demand pulls on the Anointing.

God can show up and fulfill all wants and desires. A person can even ask Him to make us hungry to hear Your answers until we want no more. Spend time in conversation with God, expecting Him to answer the questions. God can do this. He can tell or show us. He may even just want to talk with us! Is there a heartache He wants to help us get over first? Only the person can determine how much of Jesus is wanted by them. It should be more and more! If God gives one a revelation, it permits the person to ask for it. He may tell a person things nobody else knows or believes.

Know what this Word of Life, The Holy Bible, says, so that a person can agree with the Word. Know these days are the Days of Noah. This Word in Revelation says this is more “powerful than any two-edged sword.” The Church is to be the Most Blessed. These days are shown to be as days of evil, ones that give us, not what we deserve, but what He has promised if one knows enough to place a demand on it. Stand on it. We get only what we deserve and only what He has said we can have.

He is a Big God. He is Who He said He is! To be ready today, we aren’t waiting on that sweet by-and-by for He’s the “Now and Now!” Obey Him, and in humility speak what’s needed into the world. Become that Word. As days get darker, we need more of the Glory of You, Lord, to see every plan of the enemy comes to nothing. (In Isaiah 54:17) No weapon. So, unbelief is replaced with Faith in You, Lord, and burdens are lifted.