Speaking of Faith: What needs everyone’s attention

by Feb 14, 2024OPINIONS0 comments


Pastor, Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church


Read: Jeremiah 1:11

Look around the Earth on a beautiful day. God certainly knows what He’s doing!

He knows that our younger boys and girls, who are thriving in this portion of their lives, require a variety of experiences as they grow. They need to overcome the normal insecurities and self-doubts that may arise as they face many of the “new-to-them” life situations.

Our God loves the little children, and their strong belief in Him with His Love for them will teach them more easily to trust Him throughout their lives. He is there to help supply them with whatever is needed or required for them to be successful. Who is better than their parents and Creator to be there for them? They are the very ones upon whom they have already learned and grown to trust and rely on. Just like our faith in our parents, we should know how necessary and important it is that their faith remains firmly planted in their parents and that they will begin to know and trust our miracle-working God.

Any person who might be feeling insecure should simply remember it might be the signal of it being time to lean in harder on Him for themselves. Those who immediately say, “I will.” God will be able to do whatever He needs to do, and He can work through that confident, believing person.

Don’t be a quitter. Just get up and declare, “God already did what’s been needed in me, and it’s time for me to realize there are weaknesses only He can help me with, and so do one’s detractors see them. That’s how I ended up with the nickname “Mildew”. Even though it hit me in a personally weak place, there was no need to feel insecure because I know the devil is always a liar and our God is always a whole lot bigger! God still can call the least likely person or call anyone else and tell many today to believe.

If a person is afraid of “them” or is tormented by some confusion, they are to remember His love for us, and we can trust the Church to be a safe place because the Church is family!

Understand, we’re not to be afraid of what others think, as people tend to come and go, but remember that we are anointed by God. We can all say, loudly to everyone, “Come and get it!”

Neither are we here only to make others happy, and we’re not here to be afraid of others’ faces, nor are we here to tickle anyone’s ears, but only to enjoy hearing His Words saying to us, “Well done, good and faithful servants.”

So, say to the Lord, “Where are you?” Remember too that sin separates one from God. Walk right with Him. If one should stray, repent (change direction), hurry back to Him, and walk closely with the others too.

One touch from God to calm me or His Hand patting me on the shoulder makes me “okay” again. If one has a fever, just with Him putting His Hand on one’s shoulder can inspire His sense of security within anybody.

Lord Jesus, it is not only that a person feels this, as it all comes from the inside of our hearts. We are to work this whole sensing of You out from each heart so that as our perspective changes, we can give our Your Word having had You place that Word in our mouths, where it can remain somewhat hidden in our hearts. There it remains until we can release it to others who need to hear what’s been put there and it all is just waiting to be revealed to their heart too.