SPEAKING OF FAITH: Strategy – Time well spent

by Nov 17, 2023OPINIONS0 comments


Pastor, Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church


Reference Hebrews 11:1-3, 12

I do hope many will be led to declare what He has promised me and what He has put in my heart that is mine because if one agrees with me in prayer, I am going to push on through until what is mine has become mine.

The enemy is fighting harder now than ever before. Recognizing this as the strategy of the enemy, no matter if it is in the Church, in politics, or in our culture, the strategies of the enemy remain precisely the same for now.

The strategy is to keep wearing each person down until each one wears down and gives up. This is why any lies, no matter how ridiculous or vicious, are now bombarding a person with other lies even more nonsensical than they were at first and are happening so relentlessly all day and all night long.  No matter where one looks, television, newspapers, magazines, or radio, the enemy just wants everyone to give up and say, “Enough is enough!” or “If one can’t beat them, then join them.”

There’s not one thing hell has that I want. There’s nothing in this wicked world that has anything I want, and I refuse to join up. I shall stand for what is right. Amen.

However, it does mean the race has been set before me. And I thank you, Lord.

Only by running this race with Him in endurance, putting one foot in front of the other, while also knowing that the day is coming, the day of the Lord shall be seen on this earth, the justice of the Lord shall then be seen, and it shall also set things right for those who are His.

I’m looking forward to the day when He splits the Eastern sky and steps out on the clouds when the trumpet of God shall sound and I shall see Him riding on a white horse with His vesture dipped in blood, the vesture of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. All glory to God!

I am looking forward to that day when He puts an end to all this “stuff”. Until then, I have a race to run. Devil get out of my way!

Church people, whatever it takes, each person is to get on with one’s own way and get going. I am going to where I must go. But He said we must run the race He has set before us. In other words, one can’t get there before the rest of us. Neither can we run anyone else’s race. I have my own race to run and a calling to fulfill, and each person has their own.  I have my authority to walk under, my crosses to bear. I can’t bear anyone else’s. Thank God, we can help each other, but we can’t pray enough for anyone else’s household. It’s so we might be sure enough, each one for our own.

Though I can’t pray enough for your household, back in the past days, it used to be a thing when they thought, “I don’t need a preacher to help others along the way, so it’s only to get the Holy Ghost to pray for me is what I need.”

However, what each person now needs is to lay hands on me, a Holy Ghost-filled preacher, and for me to lay hands on them, for them to go home. Everybody should become so full of the Holy Ghost; it should be quite evident to everyone that all should be so full of the Holy Ghost for whatever is needed. God can do everything needed by a person by the person next to them.

If the anointing is strong with one, they will be able even to heal the body. This will happen because we all have been running our race. Us. We have been spending our time in our prayer closets, in our quiet places, where it is done privately. God said that those who do it His way, He will reward openly.