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By Lamont H. Fuchs, Ed. D.

author of Preacher Spurs (Christian Faith Publishing, 2022)


Scripture references: Acts 9; 1 Timothy 1:12-17

The motorcycle ministry is not for wimps or light Christians. Most of the best leaders I met came from backgrounds of ex-cons, enforcers, rapists, drug dealers, addicts, pimps, prostitutes, alcoholics, thieves, and murderers. I have known more than just a couple of every one of these. Bad men and women. Some of these people are still my best friends and brothers in Christ.

I knew one guy, now deceased, that was convinced when he died, he was going to hell, find Satan, and kick his butt, and take his job. HE convinced me, through his testimony, that he would have tried, and I believe him.

This man was a big ugly mean-looking biker. He was all of 280 pounds of solid bulging rock. After beating a man to death in a bar, he spent six years in prison for second-degree murder. He became an enforcer in an Arizona state prison for the Abs (Aryan Brotherhood). He told us of the wicked things he did to strip away the few things you could take from someone in prison, including their pride, dignity, and self-worth. He made them do unspeakable things at the threat of their life or in fear of more pain. After his time in prison, he was an enforcer for an Arizona biker gang, and he did what he had learned in prison to the enemies of that gang. Ultimately, he became so dangerous and out of control his own club was afraid of him and decided to kill him. In a drunken stupor, those who wanted his life nearly killed him, but he escaped to find refuge in the only place they would not look for him, a church. His story ends with accepting Jesus Christ as Lord. He became a humble servant and leader of a large Baptist Church in South Carolina. His motivational speaking brought many people to Jesus. A few years after I met him, he died of liver cancer, but his testimony will always be in my heart. I’ll see him again, I’m sure.

There was this other guy who was indeed a monster. He was smart, well educated, came from a good family; he thought he was next to become a big wig in his field. He was a real intense guy. He was powerful, and he used the law to be an enforcer. He persecuted those who were his politically sworn enemies. He chased them down, smoked them out, arrested them, and watched while they were beaten to death, thrown into prison, tortured, and killed. He was and he admits, an evil man.

In the depth of their wickedness, both of these guys, that I know or have met, came to Christ.

The last guy is written about in the Bible. I’m going to tell you this guy’s story. He called himself chief of sinners. It is the story of Saul and how he met Jesus on the road to Damascus in Acts 9. Paul shares his testimony in 1 Timothy 1:12-17.

Some of you here might think you’re too bad to be saved from sin. You might be thinking that before God or Jesus, or your local church could accept you, you’ll have to change first, and you know you can’t. You’re too bad to change first to be accepted and loved. Some of that is right. That’s because you can’t change on your own. You can’t stop drugs; you can’t stop the bad habits; you can’t lose your partner or your friends or you job for Christ. You can’t do it, but the power of God’s Holy Spirit can.

What’s stopping you? If the baddest men you have ever known can sell out to Christ, give it up, humble themselves before God then maybe you’re not so tough after all, because they were tough. The light they shine with the love of Jesus in their heart is as bright as a welding torch. Why? Because every one of them knows exactly what God saved them from, hell. They were close enough to feel the burn. He saved us all from death. The Bible says sin is death, and Jesus washed all my sins away just like he did for those guys, and he can do for you. Right now. Take that step toward Him. Do you want life? Eternal life in heaven? Or do you choose another day on the highway to hell? We will all bow to Him one day. Me? He knows my name, and I’m going to be with Him. If He doesn’t know your name, well, let me put it this way, it is hell without Jesus. Choose this day who you will serve. We are here to lead you to Him, but you must step up. Listen to your heart. Let God call you home.