Onsite visitation to begin again at Justice Center

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Submitted by Cherokee Indian Police Dept.


Onsite visitation to begin again at the Anthony Edward Lossiah Justice Center on Monday, July 10. Visitation will be 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. as follows: (excluding holidays and administrative leave days for onsite visitation).

Inmates with last names beginning with:

A-F (Monday)

G-K (Tuesday)

L-P (Wednesday)

Q-U (Thursday)

V-Z (Friday)

  • All visits will be conducted as non-contact video visi
  • Applicants must provide a valid photo ID.
  • Visits will last 20 minute
  • Must fill out an application for visitation prior to visitation. Once the application is approved, the person may visit at scheduled visit per the above conditions.

Rules of conduct for visitors at the facility are as follows:

  • Visitors must provide ID and submit to an appropriate search as prior to entering.
  • Only 2 people per visit, except for children who may accompany a pare

Visitors under the age of 18 not accompanied by a parent may not be a visitor and visitors who leave children unattended and without supervision on facility property shall be denied visitation. Children must be supervised by adult parents or caretakers always while on facility property.

  • Must arrive at scheduled visitation hours, unless otherwise approved
  • Any disruptive behavior will require the visit to be terminated and appropriate action taken to review the approval for visita
  • No food or drinks are to be present at any vis
  • Visits are to be conducted in a quiet, orderly man In the event a visitor or the inmate become disruptive during, the visit will be terminated with appropriate documentation forward through the chain of command to seek action for administrative or legal action against the visitor and possible disciplinary action for the inmate.
  • No cell phones allowed for any reason.

Offsite visitation

Go to www.icsolutions.com from any Internet enabled device to login or create a new account

  • Select Register for Visitation
  • Enter facility name
  • Enter inmates name/ID number
  • Select your relationship to inmate
  • Fill in all required fields
  • Click register