SPEAKING OF FAITH: Resurrection Day, 2023

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(Transcribed by Myra D. Colgate)

Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church



Read:  Matthew 28: 1-10; Mark 16:1-20; John 20:12, 18-23

“I know there has already been a long night ahead of someone, but I also know that in the morning, all of a sudden, God has begun to open up the doors of Heaven, and to pour out an oil that would heal, pour out a balm that would set one free.  I’ve come to tell someone today,  Jesus lives.  He is alive and well.  Because He lives, they can say, “I live”,  Because He’s well, somebody’s life shall be well.  Glory to God!”  Pastor Tim prophesied.

“If I can get someone to remember when He called them.  If I could get someone to remember what He said, what He prophesied over them, this could help get that person to remember what they have dreamed.  If I could just get that someone to remember, then God is able to carry that someone today.  Remember what He said?”

“The problem is we don’t always remember His Words.”

“Now I personally remember that several years ago we were in a position where we had just taken a church.  We were fresh out of college and were financially in a rough period of time for us.  I remember the day when it had all just fallen apart.

“I’d sunk down on the floor and had begun to cry out and declare, “If I could just think of one verse of Scripture that would tell me ‘this would be alright’, then I could go through… whatever.”

“Come on, that’s a place where one can know they’ve hit rockbottom.  I suddenly couldn’t recall even one verse.  I had lived my life reading the Bible, just finished school, and been in the Word all my life.  When I had come to my own situation, I suddenly couldn’t think of anything.

“Lord, Holy Spirit, You’ve told us, Holy Spirit, You’d help us remember.”

I sat down on the floor and as I cried out, I heard Him say, “Go to Matthew 6,” and then He asked me, “If I’m going to take care of the sparrows, am I going to take care of you?  The lilies of the field are clothed more beautifully than Solomon was.  How much more will I take care of you?”   Then He added, “Quit worrying when you are sleeping or eating, ‘What you’re going to eat or wear.’  He said “I know you have need of all these things,” but I remembered at that moment, I got up and I said, that He had said, “I say it in red,” He said that He knows what He’s doing.  He said it!  He knows how to keep us.  He walks with a person, talks with them, “He said, “Let’s remember what He said.  “He said on the Third Day, I’m getting up again.”

“I remember several years ago, I was asked to pray for ‘some impossible things,’  I like the fact that we serve a God of ‘impossible things.  What man cannot do, God can!  I like the fact that when a doctor can’t, that Jesus can.  When a banker can’t get it done, Jesus can.  When the IRS comes against a person, one’s lawyer can be Jesus!  (We just found that out.)

“I want that someone to hear this.  When one comes to a place where we find ourselves in a world of trouble, we can just say, ‘I don’t care what he said or she said, all I care about is what Jesus said.  If I can find it, I know that it all is going to be all right.”

“When a man called me this week in the middle of the night, he said, ‘I just need you to understand that last Sunday, ya’ll prayed for an impossible situation and I’m giving a testimony about a situation in my brother’s life.  Medication hadn’t fixed his problem.  The doctor could not fix it.  However, from the night you prayed, and that the church got together and prayed that something would change in his life.  He’s gone all week long without needing any medication.’”

“Now I knew that if we all got together and prayed that when He says it in His Word, we know that it’s all about the one who is needing it now.  It’s all about the one who believes that.

“We don’t realize when we look at others and say, “Well, He’s ‘holier’ than I am.  God will do it for him, but He may not do it for me.”  That is expressing a doubt instead of faith.  What a person may not be realizing is that my socks smell like yours do, (socks are socks) at the end of the day, and it’s alright.

To be continued…