COMMENTARY: Ain’t nothing like grandma’s hands

by Apr 22, 2023OPINIONS0 comments


Wolftown Community


“Grandma’s Hands” is a song that multiple artists have recorded their very own version of. Most of the lyrics are the same with a few insertions here and there. In Gladys Knight’s version of the song, there is a lyric that resonates with how deeply I love and appreciate my granny.

The lyric “Ain’t nothing like grandma’s hands”, can bring me a multitude of emotions. Her hands are stricken with arthritis and mobility is worsening as time passes. With grace, she continues to follow her daily regimen. One of her regimens I admire the most is when she sits at her kitchen table every morning to read her Daily Devotionals.

She may not know it until she reads this, but I have stared at her in awe as she reads and turns the pages. Observing the mobility, she has left in her hands to do things that we take for granted every day is difficult and makes me wish I could take her ailments away.

Without the many journeys of my granny’s hands, I wouldn’t know how to love unconditionally, pray for others, and be willing to give the shirt off my back.  The fading image and mobility of Granny’s hands are bittersweet, and nothing is more precious to me than how she holds my hands in hers when she says a special prayer for me.