SPEAKING OF FAITH: The ‘Weight’ Of God’s Glory…

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(Transcribed by Myra D. Colgate)

Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church


Read all of Genesis 2-3;  Exodus 24:14

The Glory of the Lord is about to be poured out in this House. We have seen the Glory of the Lord. I’m ready to see the kind of Glory that literally shuts everything else down.  The Glory messes up the plans of the enemy. It can cause mountains to meld or to melt.  I want to see His Glory that causes sicknesses to run away. When God shows up that things begin to happen? We are talking about things happening when there’s no other way they could be happening.

How many remember Adam and Eve? In the very beginning the Bible is very real when it talks about Adam and Eve because we find out they are actually unclothed in the Garden of Eden. However, if one looks at the original text and language they will find out, while they were not wearing any clothes, they were very far from being naked. Quite literally, Scripture says, they were clothed with the Glory of God. They weren’t running from bush to bush, hiding from everything coming and going, that is, until they fell into sin…

It was when the Glory of the Lord had departed them, they came to the realization that they were now naked. They began to hide behind the leaves, even trying to sew the larger fig leaves together. But the problem with leaves is that as the sun rises in the mornings, the leaves began to shrivel and shrink, a real problem for them. As in this day, we live in a world where we want to see God move, but it is like we don’t want to do what it takes to see the Glory of the Lord again. So, we hide behind our fig leaves. We hide behind our religiosity. We hide behind the main Name instead.

Well, I’m tired of the leaves and trying to hide behind them. I’m ready for the Glory of the Lord to once again show up. I’m ready for the Lord to come back like He said He would in the very last days. I’m ready to be covered by Him one more time. When the enemy begins to show up, he will suddenly realize that “this person” is not to be messed with. Why is that? It’s because the Glory of the Lord now once again rests upon “this man.”

We see that Adam and Eve lost one of the greatest treasures that God has given to us on Earth. We can look and declare the Glory of the Garden of Eden is really the Glory of God. What it literally means is that we need ‘it’ to come back to the people of God.  I’m talking about the Glory of God. The Glory of God, the “Kabod”, or the “Weight” of God needs to come back. We need the “Weight” of God.

I learned a long time ago, when God shows up and begins to throw His Weight around, that’s when “Miracles” begin to happen. When God shows up and begins to throw His Weight around, that is also when devils begin to run. And I believe that when He throws His Weight around, the ‘mountains’ facing us begin to melt away. In a single message, 3,000 people could get saved.  When God throws His Weight around, loaves and fishes feed multitudes. When God throws His Weight around, lions’ mouths are stopped, the flames of fire are cooled off, the oceans part, stars begin to appear in the skies. When God throws His Weight around, bodies are healed, people are set free, the dead are raised. I’ve already watched as God has begun to move.

One more time, God would like to walk with us in the cool of the evening, as we would once more be clothed in His Great Glory! We could hear His Voice. Adam and Eve lost the “Treasure” that He is. Would or can anyone else also choose instead to ask Him to come back? What about that long-promised Great Harvest of souls? Are we ready to ask Him now? Do we dare? Are we the men and women of God He is looking for today?