SPEAKING OF FAITH: Trust God’s plan for us

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(Transcribed by Myra D. Colgate)

Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church


Read Colossians 3:9-10

Continued from last week…

“This new truck is crazy and all in a good way.”  “I can say, okay, Ford, set the cruise control at sixty-five, and it does.”  “Okay, turn the lights on.”  It will, or I can say, “I want to listen to the radio, and it will turn to my favorite radio stations.”  Who knew that was possible?”

But I also found out, all I must do is ask my Lord, “Okay, Lord, we want to know Your Way, and how we are to best walk in it today.”  “Okay, Lord, I’m going to be under Your Anointing today, and God I want to be a part of whatever’s necessary for today’s assignment You are giving me, one I may not have known about before, and I thank You.” Thank You, Lord Jesus!  He’s capable of doing this, and to help us do it right, all in His Way and timing.

Part of this is the very reason people get saved.  They come to church, but then may end up walking away if nothing is going on where they can be a help to others or participate in.  It’s because they never realized there’s so much more to it than just church attendance required.  He wants to involve us in the everyday things so we can learn while helping others, too.  It’s more than just an exciting event that happens every now and then. “Whatever one doesn’t learn something about, and something with an importance for us and for others, we may quickly lose interest in helping and accomplishing it.

Life is always about learning, even the everyday things needing our attention, our skills.  We may quickly lose interest in being there, otherwise.

“I remember my Dad when I was a kid.  There was a video game that I wanted so bad.  It was made by Atari and the box it came in looked so cool, called “Yars Revenge”.  Revco had it and Dad paid the .25 cents to buy it for me.  I’ll never forget it. Found out shortly afterwards that Atari was going out of business and so was Revco. I only remember it because my Dad got it for me just because I’d asked for it.

I took it home, but I also quickly lost interest because I could never figure out how to play it.  One might also remember The game “ET”. I read later there’s some place in Ohio where they dug a hole and buried half a million of those games because nobody wanted them. See what happens when a person doesn’t get what they need, or when they don’t invest in the gaining of knowledge of how things work and operate, because we can lose interest.

I just wanted to spend a little time and bring the Word of God.  In tonight’s Scripture reference, we are told that Paul wrote the church at Colosse, that they never ceased praying for them, for the desire that everyone might be filled with the knowledge of His will and with all wisdom and spiritual understanding.  He added that they might “walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and that we might speak a powerful Word to all in this House.”   Paul calls us all to understand what we’ve not understood, calls us to gain wisdom where we’ve lacked it and grow in the Spirit.”

Pastor Tim prayed, “Father, that you would put us on a pathway, a crash course, O God, in growing. Lord, that we might continue day by day until we are so useable by You, Father, that You would have to look nowhere else. We give You the Praise, the Glory and the Honor in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

This is because we all matter and is why we don’t cease or stop praying for the churches.  Notice what he said, “That we be filled with the knowledge of His Will, that we might know what it is God is trying to do with us, what it is He wants with us.  Ask, “what it is that God wants? Does that mean His Will of where I work and His Will of what I say?  Listen, I believe what Paul is trying to say, He would want us to learn what it is God is trying to get to us and in us, what God is trying to bless us with.

We need to realize we serve a God Who wants to bless us. No matter what happens my Lord always turns things around for our good and He blesses me, and He has everything worked out.  He has a good Plan.  That doesn’t mean that everything works out that way I might desire or am always happy or excited, but what it does mean is that I can trust God in what He has for my life.  We can all trust Him.

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