SPEAKING OF FAITH: Stand together firmly planted in the light…

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(Transcribed by Myra D. Colgate)

Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church


Read 2 Thessalonians 2:11; 2 Corinthians 10:1-5; Matthew 24:37-47

“There’s coming a day…they that choose not to follow after the Light, but after the wicked…They shall perish, (go to verse 11) and for this cause or reason…they have chosen to believe a devastating lie.”

Father, I pray right now in the Name of Jesus, He Who is Mighty, He Who created the earth.  We thank You, O Lord, for the cross.  We thank You for the Blood.  I pray this morning that You would allow Your Word to go forth into every heart, every mind, every soul that You would call us now, Lord, to see and know the Truth, and to be set free by that Truth today.

Father, we thank You that this House is a House of Truth, and Lord, we can show Truth to each one in the Word of God today.

Holy Spirit, I pray that this Word, the Bread of Life, is broken today.  I pray You would feed our hungry souls by This, in the Name of Jesus.  Amen.

For this cause, for their own iniquity, for wickedness, He said He would send them strong delusions, that they should believe one.

What has been amazing to me is that within just the last couple of months, a new Supreme Court Justice was being placed into the Supreme Court.  One of the Senators asked, this individual, a simple question, “What is a woman?” She, herself, being a woman, apparently didn’t know the answer.  That seemed strange and so we wonder how or why people could get so confused?  They don’t know who they are?  What they are?  Where’d they come from?  Have they no idea?

“When does a baby anything, begin to live?” is another conversation heard in these days.” Not to mention there is and has been a fine of 20 years in prison if any person is caught stealing or breaking open an eagle egg in this country.  The argument, is, if the shell hadn’t been broken by the baby eaglet, it hadn’t yet been born, maybe not able to live?   What is this strong delusion?  Could it be money, too?  Are human babies not even considered to be alive, before coming forth in birth? Have we ever looked at the news and wondered what has happened to our country?  Why is it the killing of a pregnant mother, gets the person an “automatic” two-persons attempted murder charge if it wasn’t also alive from conception?”  (This has been the law for many, many years.  Our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents knew this, why do we feel the need to question their wisdom, too?  Only inconvenience?)

Ukraine is under attack from Russia.  How many of us realize they are in the middle of a war?  Everybody knows it.  Yet, in this week when they came together, do you know what was talked about?  It wasn’t about how they could end the war.  It wasn’t even how can they feed their people. Does that not make one ask, why?  Was it the money, again?  Had they been told to push an agenda by a wicked government?  Which one was it?

Many people seem to be asking, “Could it be that this what the Lord meant by ‘strong delusions’ and what they could be?”.  This seems to be a crossing over a very real Bloodline which none should be thinking about crossing as it surely brings only destruction, for hire.  There is one cure for it and His Name is Jesus.  However, if we’re not careful, this kind of thinking, will infiltrate even the Church.

The Truth is everyone is being bombarded so often by the nonsense we are finding in the world, that many are getting tired or discouraged by standing almost alone against the flood of it.  Words of, “Come on.  Can’t we just accept it?”  “Sit on down.” and “We’ll all get along.”

Watch out, it’s coming into the Church, not this one, but there are some churches that have given up because of all the wrangling and hassles when people try to stand firm on their own.  People have got to come together.  Somebody’s got to stand firmly in place on principle to declare the things of God.

I’m going to do what God has called me to do.  I will serve the Lord.  Amen.”