SPEAKING OF FAITH: Jesus, clothed in majesty, our sacrificial lamb

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(Transcribed by Myra D. Colgate)

Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church


Read Luke 2:4-7,12-32;  John 14:6; 9-21;  Hebrews 10:19-39; Hebrews 12: 25-29; Romans 10:8-13; Micah 6:8.

Why did we each need a Savior to be born?  Why was Jesus, The Son of God, born on earth as a little baby, and not as a grown man?

He had to have been born as a baby, born of woman, according to Scripture, to legally arrive on this Earth.  Fulfillment of Scripture was also why He was to be known as our sacrificial Lamb, and born in Bethlehem, King David’s birthplace.  (He was born in a stable there, a stone cave, where the manger, cut out of a wall of stone, was to be used as His bed.)  Where else could a sacrificial Lamb have been born, but in a stable  of Bethlehem?

Some knew that the Son of God was to have been born in Bethlehem but only a few would believe it happened that way, never guessing He would have to be born in a stable.  (It also could not have been understood that His birth and Love for each of us would be written of and sung about in celebration, and later, throughout the whole world for these last 2,000 years.)

It was only to these shepherds in the fields around Bethlehem that the angels of God were sent to appear and make the wondrous announcement of His birth to mankind.  Why were the angels not also sent to the Jewish priests who had always expected their Messiah would be born in a royal palace and of the royal line of descendants of King David?  Perhaps, it was these very thoughts which caused their unbelief, as all things did happen in this way.  Born as a helpless baby, firmly snuggled and safely held in swaddling clothes, lay in that manger, having no where else to lay His head,  He was truly the baby who was born to die for mankind, while also offering us a foreshadowing of the empty tomb.

The shepherds were to be the witnesses who would spread the Good News of this long-awaited event.  They were also the shepherds of the lambs born in that region which were sacrificed at the Temple in Jerusalem.   Perfect lambs were watched over until the time they were sacrificed for the forgiving of all the sins of Israel.

The angels, invited the shepherds to go and see where the baby had been born.   As the angels sang, “Glory to God in the Highest!  The shepherds could have been told He was the Lamb to take away our sins forever.  According to John 1:36, John, the Baptizer, after baptizing Jesus, hearing testimony later, as well, was told who this Man Jesus really was, for the Jews and for us.

Then, at the very time a Lamb was to be sacrificed in the Temple courtyard, the day Jesus was crucified on Calvary’s cross, He was heard saying out loud, “It is finished,” and had dismissed His Spirit.  A huge earthquake immediately happened, and the Temple veil, well over four inches thick, which separated all men from the Holy of Holies, was rent—from the top to the bottom!  No longer was mankind to be kept from approaching Father God.  Jesus had accomplished this through His death.  The Roman soldier, believed now to be, Centurion Cornelius, in charge, was heard to say, “Truly, This Man was the Son of God.”  Cornelius, a Gentile, knew already Jesus had died, and so had was able to keep His bones intact.

Joseph of Arimethea, a wealthy, respected Sanhedrin member, asked to take Jesus’ body and prepare it for burial, laying His body into Joseph’s own tomb, because that evening began the Sabbath.  Using a long linen cloth soaked in the same type spices the Three wise men had brought to Jesus as a child, frankincense and myrrh) Joseph carefully wrapped Jesus’  body and separately added a linen napkin around His head.

The women, coming early to that tomb, saw it was open and empty.  Looking for Jesus, Mary saw Him, not recognizing Him as alive, until He had called her by name.  She ran to tell Jesus’ disciples.  Peter and John ran back to the tomb, saw the angels and the head cloth neatly folded by itself.  They noticed the other cloth, piled still in the shape of the body that was no longer there.  Hallelujah!  The tomb is empty!

He’s coming back ‘soon and very soon’, are we ready, yet?  Let Him grow up in your life!  Love and Worship Him, as Lord!