SPEAKING OF FAITH: Waste not, want not

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(Transcribed by Myra D. Colgate)
Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church

Read Jeremiah 17:7-9; John 1:12-14,16-17

“God wastes nothing,” Pastor Melton made clear, “Not one of your tears. Not one breath. Not even one hair, as each one is numbered.”

“He cares very much about us,” he added. “Don’t allow anything to be wasted, either. Are we bearing fruit? Are we rooted and grounded?” He asks emphatically.

“This is not a philosophy, it is a meticulous faith, which makes it a renewable resource. We actually can use it up each day, and then ask for it to be renewed for the coming day. I’m believing for this tonight, that I’m grounded and rooted, not anything having been wasted. We should each be immovable, unshakeable.”

“The devil is actually after our faith. Don’t give it to him. If you have any doubts, then the devil is already talking it away.” Don’t give any of your faith in Jesus up to the devil for he is the consummate liar and thief, known as the ‘father of lies.’

“The fullness of God have we all received, and we know that Grace and Truth came to us by Jesus Christ,” and he added, “Jesus is Grace, for Grace is heaped on us in a pile. Heaven has given us everything. Share it by using it, as it is Joy, Power and Wisdom, as well. Are we too busy? Too busy for His Anointed prayers, full of Grace? He wants to use us according to our fullness in Him.”

“The River represents to us the water that flows there. It is always more than what is needed or even asked for. It’s a better amount than anyone could plan, for it is always more than for any one tree, or even what the one next to it can use. It is never for an only tree, but for infinite thousands, until the completion of time.”
Our lives, our gifts are for these others, too, so the Anointing is never wasted,” Pastor explained and added, “I shall not be moved. I’m a tree planted by a river, by water, living water, that flows from very the Throne of God, grounded in the Spirit. Speaking in tongues is only the start of it. Hear Him. Is He giving one a red light or a green light, (stop or go instructions). Ask Him to keep working on you and on the other ones being prayed for. Go! Go deeper! We are the House of God. He is Lord. As the mouth of the River, the Headwaters, as the coveted purists, He has even captured our tears in a bottle, use them, get them wet. No waste in God. Every Word makes such a difference, all are powerful.”

As is given us in Psalm 24, “Lift up the gates (erected right in us).” Do we want it? Can we just go and do it? Faith is our outward move to get the inward Word. Talk to Him. He talks to me. You can hear Him. He knows every blade of grass. How valuable we are to God. We are not a waste.

“Don’t allow any squandering of life. ‘Little is much when God is in it.’ Get up and replenish it! There’s never enough of Joy, Peace, His Words. ‘He made us for just such a time as this.’ He can certainly do it!” Even the fish are numbered. Every person, every purpose has a blessing attached. Nothing is wasted because of the potential one has inside them. Every opportunity is important because of the potential of the gifts we carry now inside and in the Supremacy of His Name. We need to repent of any squandering of the potential of His receiving all of the Glory.

“Call us deeper. Pour out. Don’t miss any of the doors to walk through while under subjection to Jesus. Time is short for the renewing of Joy, Peace, His Mercies. Transform us into men and women who walk in the Spirit, open doors for others, breaking every chain, binding up, casting down all devils!”

“We give You Praise, Honor, Glory, in the Name of Jesus, the Name Above every Name, and in letting us know how important we are to You. We give You Thanks. Amen.

“As the Last Days’ Church, in the first year, we are to eat of the fruit of the trees already planted, (ie, as with the apples). In the second year, we are to prune, continuing eating the fruit already growing. And, by the third year we are to sow, planting, pruning, reaping, continuing to expand the work.