SPEAKING OF FAITH: Bearing much fruit…

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By Rev. Timothy L. Melton, Pastor

(Transcribed by Myra D. Colgate)

Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church


Isaiah 37:30-33

“Go back to Isaiah, yes, and we see this is the Day. We see what happens on Day One of the first year, Year Two and then in Year Three, we see it is where we will reap what has been sown by us. We will have planted vineyards and we will eat the fruit thereof. I believe in these very last of days, God is busy looking for some people who will get their root system right, so their fruit system will be right. It is so that God can use what He’s building in us to change the nations around us, Amen,” said Pastor Melton.

“Believe that in these last days, there will be great blessing and abundant glory. Amen. For those who will say to the Lord, “it’s me, Lord. It’s me. Use me!”  The question comes, “Will one pay the price it takes to get where one needs to be?”

God speaks in verse 31 that if one’s root system grows downward properly, then they will bear good fruit upwardly. God has said He will do this in those who are willing.

In verse 32, He said, it will be the zeal of the Lord in one who will do it. In other words, God is zealous over one’s fruit. And in verse 33, He says this, “Therefore, thus saith the Lord, concerning the King of Assyria” (he is the representative of the enemy of God’s people here.)  “He shall not come into this city nor shoot an arrow there. Yeah, nor come before it with shields, nor cast any bank against it. By the same way he came he shall return.”

“He shall not come into this city,” saith the Lord, “I will defend this city to save it for My Own Sake and for My servant David.”  Hallelujah!

“Here’s what the Lord sent me to say, “For those who allow their root to grow downward and their fruit to grow upward. For those who will settle themselves in the Lord, with everything they’ve got. It’s not about what we used to do. It’s not about yesterday, it’s about today,” Pastor added.

If one will say, “I’m going to put my roots deep into the Word of God. I’m going to put my time in, spending it in prayer. I’m going to spend time with the Lord for He is the One who tells me, ‘I am the ‘branch’ and He is the trunk of this thing.’  How many realize today, He has said, “I will turn the enemy out of your city, and I’ll send him out the same way he came in.”

How many know every devil that has come into this city, with the drug dealers can go back the same way. Amen?  Every demon or devil that has come into the city, bringing substance and alcohol abuse or, sexual perversions and confusion that have come to break people, how many know He can drive them right back out?

“It is written, (I’m not making any of this up) The Bible says, ‘it is your job to produce the fruit.’  And, the Lord says, ‘It’s My job to defend it.’  (Thank You, Lord!)  “So, it’s your job to become a fruit-bearing tree planted by these rivers of living water.”

“Come on, this is where you can literally say, (and it is when you can know your roots are right!)  One can say to a doctor who tells them, “You have cancer, you’re going to die.” And, one can answer, “I shall not die, No.”  Or… if my kid’s acting a fool and I respond saying to them, “No you can’t”, “I shall not be moved.”   Or… “The preacher didn’t shake my hand; I shall not move.”  Come on! Look at your neighbor, and tell them, “I shall not be moved.”  “I don’t care how many things come against me; I shall not be moved.”  “I am a tree planted, that’s right. By the waters, Glory to God! I shall not be moved!”  “My fruit shall not be cast before its time. My fruit shall not rot on the vine. When He’s done in me, He’s going to duplicate what He’s done in me in others!”

A pastor’s quick truth: “How many seeds are there in an apple?  How many can count how many apples there are in a seed?”

“Each person has been called to produce fruit.  Not just fruit that comes and goes. One can still have peace. This work is not temporary. It didn’t come to pass; it came to stay!  The pruning process, fully completed, produces better fruit.”