SPEAKING OF FAITH: The “Last Day’s” Church

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(Transcribed by Myra D. Colgate)

Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church


Read Isaiah 37:30-33; John 15:16; Galatians 5:22-23.

As time keeps on progressing, we are to become ever more faithful and ‘sure-footed’ having read all our instructions given in His Word for our best understanding of what’s expected of each person in each “household of faith”. We are to be growing and maturing ‘as trees of righteousness planted by a river’, well-watered, continuing to reap and sow in liberty, and producing good, ripening “fruit of the Spirit.”  Fruit here that’s spoken of is “love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance, for against such there is no law.”  After all, we are to still have the liberty to grow ‘bushels of fruit’ for ourselves and for others, too.

“We can be enjoying the process of settling down to remain “rooted and grounded” so we can be reaping and sowing, while producing much fruit. After all, it is not so much “what we do” as “who we are who are His.”  The roots can still grow downward into good, nutrient-rich soil so they can grow up producing upward branches, producing much good, healthy fruit. We are to enjoy the process! Harvest now and don’t ever stop harvesting the fruit that remains,” explained Pastor Melton.

“We are to live each day as if He’s about to split the Eastern sky, because we don’t know exactly when, but we are never to stop doing what He has called us to continue doing, helping each other, not in our own power, but in His, which ought to be flowing out of us. If we focus only on the fruit, we might miss how important the root is. Grow the roots to declare His Glory, to take in water and food, or the fruit will only be spoiled,” he added.

What God has had planted has fruit, and it is not optional. It will only darken and look bruised if not used as intended or will draw fruit flies. (Beelzebub is one of the names given the devil, meaning “lord of the flies.”  Fruit flies flying around the face are a misery!). The issue here is fruit happens normally on its own, but if not rooted in the ‘soil of goodness’ and well-grounded, (in the Word) or tended, it can’t produce good fruit in our finances, love relationships, so get in His Word each day. Get the ‘root system’ right to get and keep all the fruit right. In verse 33, it’s said, we are to know God is zealous over the fruit, and even defends the tree, so, “I’m going to build my root system in me. A fruit-bearing one since He defends the tree. I shall not be moved,” Pastor Melton, added.

We must realize, too, what the Lord has put inside us, was not for us, it was actually put there for someone else we must be learning to share with.  He is in us, and we must let Him make His way out of us as we find and share with them. We are here to be His feet, His hands…

Don’t let the fruit get too ripe, keep it coming out by giving it away, (as in bananas which get bruised easily when too ripe). What God has called me to do, should have some part of the same goals He has called each of you to also be helping in achieving. If we’ve been at this for ten years, none should be still in diapers or something’s not right. It’s all about the growth of the fruit…Could it be, one is a Christian, but in not utilizing fruit very well, is why the devil hangs around your house? It’s really gotten quiet all of a sudden…

I’ve got a good Word for you. If one is grounded in God His Word, the fruit just happens. If not, the fruit won’t happen. One may not be grounded enough. If the check engine light has come on in your car, check it out. It may not be needed tomorrow, but don’t let it go on much longer. There’s a problem. Anywhere the fruit is not working, it could be something’s wrong, not right. If there is a problem let’s check, ‘root’ it out…

The Church can help in getting at the ‘root’.  It’s because of ‘who one is’ and getting better and better.  How many know your life will take on a whole different tenor and direction? Won’t blow up at a boss, losing a job…have rent money, won’t have to act out.