SPEAKING OF FAITH: Thirsty? Come and drink…

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(Transcribed by Myra Colgate)
Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church

Read John 7:25-31, 37-39; Acts 1:5,8.

“Thirsty? Anyone who is thirsty may come to Me!” Jesus shouted to the crowds on the last day of the Feast. “Anyone who believes in Me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, ‘Rivers of living water will flow from his heart,’” (John 7:37-38) (NLT).

Pastor Melton added, “Understand, God lives in me. And now after making that decision to change, choosing to believe those life-changing ‘living’ words, this same ‘living water’ began to flow out of me. A Fountain flows because that first choice brings one to salvation. While that second choice caused a fountain of flowing, ‘living water’ for other thirsty souls to keep it flowing. It is creating a demand for that same ‘living water’ to flow for those who can still benefit from hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

‘Bele Chere’ was a festival once celebrated in Asheville, but it seems to have now just gone away. We can preach to the crowds, shout, but it does seem to have been a way to create a similar and necessary sphere of influence.

To the crowds we can shout, bless them, sanctify them, but can we tell them the ‘Good News in any other way?’ It is not a fairy tale. The water may bubble and splash around them, but it cannot be done right if given to them only in our own power. A knock on someone’s door, saying, “I came to tell you about Jesus,” might be the only opportunity offered us at this time.

A person should be spending at least an hour in daily prayer, then go wherever the Lord begins leading them. He even promises to put the right ‘words’ (His ‘words’) in their mouth, and maybe overwhelm each with His compassionate grace. As one follows His instructions, it offers the best opportunity to be kind and successful at presenting the Gospel. He always goes with us.

I remember a time when the Lord had first directed me to turn my car left and then to turn it right and ending up going up to a particular house. My initial knock on that door, resulted in my saying the Words, “I came to tell you about Jesus.” This really did happen to me. After we had started reading through the Psalms together, and had read Psalms 1-12, it resulted in him deciding to accept the offer for His salvation and he also chose to take Jesus as His Lord and Savior. It remains a blessing to me, even to this day, as within days we also heard he had died. Knowing he had been saved, certainly helped the thankfulness and gladness to remain for all who knew what had happened. God’s remarkable demonstration of His most wonderful loving care and grace given while showing each person how much everyone had benefitted from His mercy, too.
Then there was the time, while waiting to pick up children after school, a little boy, dying of cancer, told me while gritting his teeth, “I wish you were my daddy.” The Name of Jesus can destroy every curse. The ‘water’ flowing out from the fountain, brings enough depth to go swimming in the Glory, and with the enemy stifled by God’s power, it is given us without measure. Now drink!

Start by asking for the drink which moves me, is with me. He wants me in Him, too. Then ask to receive the Holy Ghost by being baptized in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. The River is there and can carry me wherever it goes.

Be empowered to witness. After all, if He has your tongue, and the tongue of every born-again believer in the Church; then what they speak to and of while in a united, and purposeful way, should come to pass. He told them to go to the Upper Room and just tarry there. Approximately 500 began, but were whittled down to about 120, meaning about 75 percent had left and missed what was getting ready to be revealed. The remaining fourth tithed, talked and sang, prayed while they waited for what was the Promise they’d been given.

We and they are to become the soul-winning Church. Not by our doings, but as we allow God to flow out of us, out of me. He must have me to use, to be empowered to move their hearts to come to Him. We should never use only our own power and understanding, for He knows the future! He is the only One to follow!