SPEAKING OF FAITH: Is there a hidden mystery inside?

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(Transcribed by Myra D. Colgate)

Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church


Read Haggai 1:14; 1 Corinthians 2:6-16

“God is looking for men and women in whom to stir up in their spirit their righteousness, holiness, and in stirring up their actions in the things of God.  What has been hidden within each believer is now to be unlocked and spilled out, the hidden mystery, the Perfect Wisdom of God, released from inside each believer, by the Spirit of Christ,” explained Pastor Melton.

God has ordained this, for God is coming back very soon.  The princes of this world, will come to know what ‘eye has not seen, what ear has not heard,’  are for those that love Him. They are now released as the hidden treasure of God, a mystery, not of the world.  They are now released!  There is a Glory hidden for you, not from you, in the Church.  The Goodness, the Treasure of God, is spreading out on the Earth.

“Lord, put us where we are supposed to be.  We can’t finish this in our dreams.  We have to do it in real life.  What we each need is to be studying God, not theology, that we may know what God has placed within us.”

“In the Old Testament, the Lord told people, ‘All the Glory is Mine.’” In the New Testament, “I give you My Glory, which I’ve hidden in you.”  We only know what God has put in us.  Move into and live in your spirit life, He is in you from now into eternity.   The mystery of the Glory is pointing to the Holy Spirit of Christ as He works in you to look like Him.  He supercharges us from our spirit, to spill out into the world what the Holy Spirit has given us.  Knowing God, He has revealed them to us by His Spirit, and we can see that faith is not universal. God is coming back soon, but without knowing enough Word, it may not be clearly understood.  God is a healer.  Each person can fall down and get up different.

We are to start where we can,  and as Mike Murdock has stated,  “Every problem is a Wisdom problem.”  Let Him work it into you.  I take it and give Him back His Glory.  The Holy Spirit knows what is freely given, to give Him back the Glory, and to live in the Spirit.  God never takes anything, He multiplies it, and gives it all back.  One must plant the good seed to get a good harvest.  God is a healer.  Where you don’t have enough, wisdom, therein lies the problem—faith comes by hearing.  Let the Glory move you into more faith.

If the seed to plant isn’t enough for what is needed now, plant it in good ground so it can multiply.  The seed knows what to do, if planted.  We are starving and want more.  We must judge all things.  Wherever the disciples went, all were healed.  God has already seen every hurt, every frustration, and Glory is due His Name.  The Church, where it is seen, the Righteous Judge has ordained what is to happen.  For we have the Mind of Christ and we are to rely upon the Spirit of God.  We are to be in relationship with each Person of the GodHead.  We must give His Glory back to Him.  This will change Cherokee in a minute.  The spiritual man receives spiritual things shown him, and He multiplies it!  Until the Holy Spirit is revealed, a natural man wants what one has.  So put the seed into good ground, plant it and it comes up.

The spiritual man wants to spend time with You, Lord, and says, give me more.  He takes care to judge all things of the Spirit, but he is to be judged of no man, only by the Righteous Judge.  God sees right through us.  We can hide nothing from Him, including disappointment or frustration.  The Righteous Judge knows we’re the Temple of the Living God.  We have the Mind of Christ and He is called the Holy Ghost.  We are to rely on Him, for with His help, we can have a relationship with all of God.

Most people don’t know to rely on God.  If we have a relationship with Him, He will lead us, guide us, and we are released to cause Glory to spill out, to teach, to give back to Him the Glory due His Name.  He lives on the inside of us, and is the Mind of Christ.