LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Reader supportive of medical marijuana

by Aug 6, 2021OPINIONS0 comments

I am a journalist born in Laurinburg and I now live in Allentown, Pa. where there is legal medical marijuana.  It is grown in the state and provides a lot of jobs.

The pot is sold through dispensary locations.  In the state capital, Harrisburg, the Department of Health dispenses pot cards.  You can buy vaping inhaler devices.  It is illegal to share marijuana.

There are only a few reasons one can obtain a card and my reason is neuropathy from diabetes. It is severe and feels like pins stabbing my feet and legs keeping me up.  Other reasons are cancer, depression, and other painful illnesses.

It is a good thing for North Carolina and Americans and high time for a change. Roy Cooper should take the advice of our governor and lieutenant governor John Fetterman.

Laws should be changing.  I am an Eagle Scout.


Tim Bullard 

Allentown, Pa.