SPEAKING OF FAITH: Kingdom of God – Thinking and Doing

by Mar 19, 2021OPINIONS



Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church


Read Psalm 24:1-10.

As we begin to apply what we’ve learned, we’re now entering the ‘how to do it’ portion of our understanding.  In the Kingdom of God, we’re each responsible to make full use of, and build on, what we’ve been learning.

Many schools don’t use this way, and its not found much in the world, but each person is to develop their ‘real’ self through their own ‘indomitable’ human spirit.  Our spirit man is to help each person train their body and soul.  While allowing input, it’s our human spirit who’s in charge of making the final decisions for each body and soul.  The spirit is to be dominant in the making of every choice, of the path to walk, in taking charge of the body, and soul–our mind, intellect, will and emotions, and   in all of our words. 

Originally, coming from the Father in Heaven, the main goal for every human spirit is to get re-acquainted with Jesus, the Bible, our Word of God.  Jesus’ desire is to be our High Priest, and Final Authority in this process.  We must realize, irrevocably, He reigns over each of us as our Lord and Savior, along with our Helper and Comforter, the Holy Spirit.  First, we should learn to seek His counsel each time, so there’s nothing misunderstood.  This is a most important instruction. To learn and flow with Him, all of us can learn to flow more smoothly together, as individual members within the Body of Christ.

“Lord, since You have worked this into me, let Your Glory go forth into Cherokee. Amen,” Pastor Melton prayed.

We are to look like, Jesus.  We won’t really begin to look like Him until we have ‘fallen in love’ with Him.  We are to work diligently in seeking Him.

In dating a person, the other person is going to do what they think the other one would like.   Maybe, if it’s a girl, might she like a purse?   Or, maybe it’s a guy, she’s hoping to catch his eye. Could she just smile and look at him?

However, we can’t just fall into ‘like’ with God.   We must already have fallen ‘in love’ with Him.  When things have fallen apart, or even when everything is going the way they should, each person must know they still belong to Him.  We are not ‘doing Him a favor’ by attending to other people’s needs.  What He’s really doing for us is… He’s doing us a favor, by allowing us to come into His Presence, and actually bring His help to those who need it… all for Him, and His Glory.  He gives us His unmerited favor, because He was willing to pay the price for each one of us.  God just wants for us to love Him back.

We each need to be chasing God for ourselves.  The chasing zone…Perhaps, it would be set if we needed a new thing done?  Perhaps, we can’t get, or maybe can’t stay married?  Would you move, dance, or clap your hands?  Do you need a new wine skin, or new wine?  Noah’s flood?  Did you realize for yourself; the world isn’t flat?  Science now tells us God only created a primordial mud hole.  Who shall stand?  Do you want to walk where God walks?   It would be only for those who have the very nature of God.  Since Adam fell, has God been back here?

Jesus made that ‘way back’ for every one of us.  First of all, you do know how to repent to get back to ‘pure’, don’t you?  “He that hath clean hands and a pure heart”…I’m not perfect, but don’t take Your Holy Spirit away.  The problem is the spirit who has your soul is corrupt and follows evil.    

“I can only dabble as long as the preacher doesn’t find out about it.”  “It never works.”  “We identify with our soul.  What a soul seems to want is to identify ourselves as being poor.”  The problem is that thinking those things brings in only loneliness and depression.  There is never any thinking that one can receive a blessing.  Instead, they have become stuck in the muck and the mire.   “We will never deserve it.”

If one loves Him and is in right standing, no cheating, we shall receive a blessing.  It is not because we are in right standing, but it’s because of Him.  It’s a gift.  We must seek His Face, not what’s in His Hand.  We want Him.  We get Him, and we’ll end with everything He has.