SPEAKING OF FAITH: We are to be God’s new temple…for these times

by Mar 12, 2021OPINIONS



Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church


Read Matthew 28:8-20; 1 Corinthians 3:11-16; Mark 16:16-20

Lies were told at the time of Jesus’ crucifixion and burial.  Roman soldiers were sent to guard an already sealed tomb.  Having been asked for by the Jewish Sanhedrin, they were paid much to spread abroad news of a disappearance of His body, and believed it stolen by followers.  (Under Roman law, any sleeping soldier would have been executed. This indicates clearly, it didn’t happen as told.  Many people, however, still believed the lies.)

(Notwithstanding, many Jews, still alive as the Gospel chapters were being written, were able to give to all seeking truth, many convincing testimonies of His crucifixion, death and resurrection.)  

Our God is alive.  He’s a Healer.  Always choose life.

The Church of today now is being lied about.  We were being labeled “super-spreaders” of a virus, and uncaring, etc., even while guidelines were followed.  Marriages, funerals, were curtailed and services large and small were not being allowed much of the time after the declared health pandemic.  

We were the responsible ones who helped others as much as was possible in such impossible, confusing, and chaotic situations.  We weren’t throwing parties on a beach, or joining in festivities with drinking, etc.

This has shown us we must now become the Church ‘outside of our building’ and safely engaging with others in grocery store settings, schools, offices, etc. on a one-to-one basis.  Imagine that!  Can this keep us from being anointed to heal?  Why should there be a problem?  The Church is ‘us’, it is not the building!  Prayers have no time or distance boundaries and can always be appropriately and safely participated in by all members in agreement.

Jesus told His disciples, “I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth.  Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations.” (Matthew 28:18). Go tell somebody!  This was and still is a command given to followers of Jesus.  It is really the only thing that counts now.  Remember this fact,  “He with the most toys, still dies,” and there is still a choice to follow Jesus to be made by many on this planet.

Your eternal work is set now before you.  Look again at Matt. 28:8-9, 11-13.  Then look up 1 Corinthians 3:5-7 for the answer as to, who then, is Paul?  We are all to be ministers (not necessarily a pulpit ministry).  This is because God wants each to get all of His increase that only He can give us.  We are all to be ministers of His Grace.  His Kingdom is still to be increasing.  It is our God within us and souls that are really important.  Join in the labor that comes in building up a Kingdom.  Notice, it’s the Kingdom building participants that count, not just a mere numbering of Church pew attendees earning no rewards.

“I came to see what God does.  After all, we are all to “Go ye into all the world…”. God requires labor.  We all are to receive a reward for our own labor…if done for Jesus.  We are to help boost attendance and joining in building the Kingdom for the right reasons, so Jesus will see His great reward for bringing many souls to the Father.  Do what God is doing today, each and every day.  He needs to be building His Church Kingdom—not a building, but the doing part is in operating in building His Kingdom.  God is not coming back for a lazy Church.  

We don’t want to be found sorely disappointed by remaining poor for eternity.  Don’t we want to be ‘rich’ in Heaven by sending forth our “treasures” of gold, silver and precious stones, or are we to be ‘poor’ there by not having sent ahead anything of lasting value.  Are we sending forward only wood, hay or stubble, the temporal things in life having little eternal value?  (The real loss, is that which is to be burned up by the Refiner’s Fire having only the lingering smell of smoke.)

God has expectations for each of us.   What an unreasonable expectation that had to be for Him to give up His Son to die in our place.  What’s our reasonable service?  

Lord, use me.  Give us opportunity today, as Your anointing increases.  It’s worth it!  So Father, I thank You.  It’s our responsibility to take on the burden for the lost.  May it all be done to the praise of Your Glory!  Amen.