SPEAKING OF FAITH: God’s a giving God…

by Mar 7, 2021OPINIONS





Read 1 Peter 4:1-11; Jeremiah 32:19

In one of the latest polls seen concerning the Church, only 20 percent of members have actually led any others to Jesus.

God is so real and powerful, more than anyone else.  Let us help move you into your purpose.  God’s a giving God, not a taking God, for the Lord has given each one of us who are His, at least one gift.

We have also been bought with a price.  This is our season to be useful, for now, to actually do something with what God has given us.  Why aren’t we using our faith that He has placed in operation in our life?  Faithfulness works.  Part-timers don’t get all the talents.  We need to ask ourselves, “Did we get one or two talents? Five talents?”

Are we living up to our potential?  Are we living to serve others?  Are we serving because we understand what’s needed?  Or are we serving because we think if we are not getting what we think we deserve or want, we won’t ever have to use our spiritual gifting.  Do we think that we have ever deserved a spiritual talent we’ve been given?  Is that God’s desire?

We are to “walk in the Spirit” even while doing the mundane things in life so we, at least, can create an atmosphere, an atmosphere that attracts the Anointing of God.  Are we even asking Him, where’s my divine appointment today?  Will my keeping it, release a revival like the preceding ones that have come to pass?  Is this to be my greatest day ever?  Our job is really to win our own neighbor to Christ, and it truly begins as we tell them about Jesus.

Jesus always told His disciples, “freely have you received, now go and give it away to those around us, for the fields are already white unto harvest.”  And, my goodness, they got hungry!  We have also been told, since Adam was told from the Beginning, ‘to be fruitful and multiply.’  We need to be helping them find their purpose.

We need to understand God is looking, for the ‘god-like’ in each one of us, for God to be found there within each of us.   He spoke to the Earth—the Source—to bring forth the life found there.  Life dies if it’s removed from its Source too soon.  We need to understand, with God as our Source, we must remain connected to our Source each day.  It’s like the branch has to remain attached to the vine to produce any fruit for harvesting.

We need to be good stewards of the manifold Graces of God.  That is the way we each should grow into our grace.  We need to go from being just ‘hearers’ to actual ‘doers.’  We also need to speak as God speaks, to speak as the ‘oracles of God’.  We should glorify God in all things, for God has brought our praise and dominion back into the Earth.  As we pray for those around us, even the many who are addicted, God can use our natural ability/abilities, they are not only nominal, to combine with God’s talent and creativity to give a person their gift.  Life is much more than just you or your own children, serving the King.  Our kids can follow Him for themselves.

Many have thought us somewhat foolish, so why do we always open our mouths and prove it?  We all want purpose and meaning to be in our lives.  There’s something inside of me that’s real.  We’ve been given a weapon to defend ourselves with—we are armed with something that can shut them down.  My Mama and Daddy called it being Chosen.  We are armed with the Mind of Christ.  Use it.  He has enlarged my ‘foot size’, my stomping size.  I’ll pray through.  Get in God’s presence. He sets up a banquet table.

Married, I found a job at a paint store in town.  The boss began to say, ‘this is a paint store, not a church’.  The calling on my life was very strong, and when someone needed a prayer, I prayed.  The boss would talk with people like that lady, and she told him, ‘I don’t want paint, I need him to pray for me.’  He soon realized that this was an asset, not a problem.

A four-year old actually,once told her parents, “I want the handkerchief ministry.”  As people would come to the altar, she wanted to give them a tissue.  Everyone can do that.