SPEAKING OF FAITH: Jehovah T’sidkenu, meaning,‘The God of My Righteousness’

by Jan 29, 2021OPINIONS




Read John 3:16-21, and Romans 5:8

This week, we are looking forward to a better understanding of The Name, ‘Jehovah T’sidkenu’, meaning ‘The God of My Righteousness’   This is a Name and a context referring us to the perfect example and Powerful Intercession by God’s only Son, Jesus.

Our righteousness in our souls is only possible if we are now considered as having asked Jesus to be our Savior, for we have been told in Scripture that without Jesus, ‘our own righteousness is as filthy rags.’  We can only be saved, as being “In Christ Jesus”.   This means having been made Right by believing that Jesus is our only Way to the Father.  Being Justified means Just as if we had never sinned. This means we must also to be sanctified, made Holy through Sanctification.  It’s a work of being set aside or set apart for Godliness.

If our spirits are saved, by our own confession given out loud, our spirit is instantly made perfect and saved, and becomes like God in this process.  Having been freely justified, means ‘Our spirits have already been made justified.’ ‘Just as if I never sinned.’  

Our souls, however, are in a different situation.  Composed of our mind, will and emotions, they will need to have undergone the sanctification process.  It is a work that prepares them for understanding and submitting to the work of growing up into the salvation we have chosen.  Our souls are still in the process of being saved while we are on Earth.  It is a life-long process, so ‘don’t get weary in doing good.’

We have to know how God thinks and how He ‘sees’ us.  The process is carried on and taught us by the Holy Spirit through the thoughts and words which He deposits in the core of our being.  Controlling our mouths is the work requiring the largest changes and is usually a most needed project.  We will hear a gentle correction, “You are too good to talk that way…”  Or, we may also hear a reminder,  “Let your conversation be Holy…”   We will soon realize how often this happens and adjust things by just the renewing of  our minds, and our thinking, while He is working on us.  We will soon realize how much smoother life can get because He’s guiding us and how much happier, to actually know we are becoming a better person.  ‘He’s still working on me, helping me.’

We also must learn to love the people of the world.  (Psalms 26:1) “Act with integrity.”  We are not to judge the world, for they are sinners and may not know any better.  Love means we are to love sinners as we love ourselves…

The Church has the Bible which means that Love is how Christians are to be judged by the Church and only in Love,   Rebuke, corrections should only be made in a loving manner and by working through the Holy Spirit.  Love them back to where we all should be.  We are to live a chaste life, not ashamed and having to be always corrected.

David wrote asking God to, “Judge me, Lord, I have walked in my integrity and trusted in the Lord.  Blessing and rewards… I want to be a winner, not a loser.  Sometimes it can be a simple cry of “Help, Lord”.  Our prayers should be ones telling God, Who He is… or, ‘Though I fall, I get up and dust myself off.’  And, we are to forgive ourselves, too, even if we messed up.  He loves us!  We can ask Him to ‘prove us’ by using out reins, saying, ‘prove me.’  I will go right or left.  Examine me when I pull.  I have walked in Your Truth and chosen new friends.  I want to be yours!  Holding onto innocency, ‘in washing my hands of the world’s ways.’ He must bless me because He judged me aright.  God is a real and powerful God.  ‘Redeem me, and be merciful.’ Never let me go.  ‘God is Faithful.’  Thank Him!       

(The many Jewish Names of God were given to us by God Himself in the original Hebrew texts. Carefully written down and copied onto large, papyrus scrolls; His Names were found in the texts meticulously copied down by Jewish Scribes and Priests for many centuries.  Whenever God’s Name was first mentioned, from then on, the Name would always be identified by Jewish scholars which made identifying easier and with better understanding by all students of the Word of God. -Myra Colgate)