SPEAKING OF FAITH: It’s time to be the Glory-filled Church

by Dec 4, 2020OPINIONS





Read 2 Timothy 2:14-26.

1.  “The Number One Thing is to put Him and His Word, First, even above our own families.

2.  “Read and apply, for using as preparation in our own lives, Philippians 4:4-9,

13-20, understanding, they are the Truth. “I get ready before church service,” explained, Rev. Melton. “All things seen or heard also, can remain in our minds, forever.  Put the Word in First and remember, that is Truth.  Our God, Who now resides within us, can bring the clearest and latest Word out to examine as needed and can show us if what we may be hearing or seeing, otherwise, measures up to them.

3.  “Learn how to study.  His Word is the Truth, so, with the Truth, we can go on to our Reward in the future.  If what one is hearing or seeing doesn’t measure up to that, use the Word as the defining rule and measuring stick.  Keep a written record, (best is one written down and dated) so we can really know there’s no excuse now, and it can really hurt us if we don’t follow along with what He has said.  Understand that all words spoken or said by us are now to be viewed as ‘creative ones’, ones that can be for good or also for bad.  Carefully read in 2 Tim. 2:14-26, and check out verses 15-19.  All words spoken may come true for each one and for others who hear us speak.  Don’t even speculate out loud if one doesn’t want what is being spoken to become true for us or those who may be hearing them.  Words spoken are powerful, always remember that.   (Given only one mouth to speak and two ears to hear,  which parts are to be used more often?  Think over everything first, before speaking, so one won’t have a reason to have to repent.  Verse 17 even mentions the names of people who erred in the Truth and weren’t careful in repeating something they speculated on, instead of believing the Word correctly.  They were dangerously spreading an untruth!)

“We are each to be golden vessels of honor, glorifying God and showing respect for Him and to others who also may be listening to us.   (Don’t ever become a vessel of dishonor, like a chamber pot, kept under a bed, in olden times. Don’t live a life like that of the world or become a vessel that would not be able to be set upon the King’s Table.)  Verse 21 says to ask the Lord to cleanse us, so we shall be vessels of honor.  Get the world out of us and separated out, to be qualified for the Master’s use.  There is such Power in learning to walk with Him and talk only ‘like’ Him.  God prepares us and this can mean the healing of whatever is wrong in our lives.  If we allow the purging, then verse 22 tells us of the fruits of the Spirit showing up in our lives, that of Righteousness, Peace and Love, etc.

“We are to go to Church, keep His commandments, and quite simply, not engender strife and contentions by arguing with people over Biblical Truths.  By that, people actually are opposing themselves, and are not really helping anyone.   Just as gravity is true, if any person will remain in place, and when they have asked, Jesus can help them so that they may recover for themselves what is meant in a Scripture.  Let Jesus come in Truth, so there won’t be any ‘paupers’ left here through any misunderstanding of His Word.  Jesus can do this in ways so supernatural, no one else will have to ‘help’ them see a possible error, and do so, in gentleness, without any condemnation.  They will know without a doubt, Jesus is there, too.

“In verse 19, by His Glory Nature He supplies all of our needs, not always our ‘wants’, by Christ Jesus and He expresses them to us out of His Glorious Nature.  If a healing is needed, Jehovah Rophe, we give God Glory due Him just in saying His Name, meaning ‘Our Healer.’  When we give God His Glory due Him, He gives us the Glory we have bestowed and given to Him.  By saying His Name, He expresses His Glory He then has given each of us.  The Name each denotes that wonderful Facet of His Great Character He has manifested. Hallelujah! We can even ask Him for multiplication.  Give Him the Glory!