Thank you from the family of Elliot French  

by Oct 19, 2020COMMUNITY sgadugi


An appreciation and many thanks to those of you who came to visit both Stephanie’s family and Marilyn’s family during the loss of our Elliott (SEYMOUR) French.  Your kindness, love and support shown does not go unnoticed.  To the Tribal EMS personnel and first responders, you did your best in giving him the care, To Mission ER and Specialist on standby, thank you for the honesty, the work and care given to him and the compassion to allow us to be with him.  Cherokee Youth Center Staff, thank you for the visits and calls to Stephanie and kids, friends and family of our community; Sage Dunston, Two Leaf Sluder and Denise Ballard, Hayes and Derrick. Thank you Tom Wahnetah, Aunt Annie Owens Family.

Our thanks to our Cousins/sisters Katherine (NORA) and Gail for the phone calls, the food and cooking you all did. To Ms. Irma and Robin Bradley for calling and coming to visit, you knew we needed to have someone special with us. To Acquoni church members, especially Mary Smith, Rock Burgess and Joe Wolf, you were right there filling in the gap,  Loretta Bradley, Perry Shell and our outstanding Big Cove Free Labor grave diggers and facility mgmt. Vice Chief B Ensley, Karen Browning, Sheila Standingdeer, Gloria Hyatt and Vic Solis from Straight Fork Church, Totsie Welch and Cindy West. Thank you Linda Reed (and Virgil) for coming to check on us .

 Randy French for the brother’s helper and being right here through the entire 4 days.  Randy, Juanita, Eddie and Regina Swimmer, and Jeannie Saunooke – You all were Seymour’s favorites to joke, call and accept his pranks with much laughter.  The Times was difficult and hard to accept the quickness that he left us so soon.   To those of you who came with food, flowers, laughter and love we do appreciate you and thank you for the visits, calls and texts.. We were fortunate to have our Bro. Bo Paris to officiate, and our Flower Bugs, Zena and Melvin Wolfe, your music soothed our souls. To those not named specifically, we do appreciate you, your generosity and your prayers.     

Sgi, The Families of Elliott “Seymour” French: Wife Stephanie,  Children: Isaac, “Mouse”, Laura, Mark, Cain, Elizabeth, Brothers: George & Randy, Mother: Marilyn Swimmer, and sister Melvena