COMMENTARY: A call for Democratic overhaul

by Feb 12, 2020OPINIONS





Was anyone really surprised. I mean, when you decide to do something and the vast majority of the free world is telling you it’s a bad idea, what do you expect. The party that defended slavery, was against civil rights, and is currently in staunch support of giving illegal immigrants better healthcare than our veterans, significantly embarrassed themselves by trying to remove a sitting President simply because they did not like his rhetoric. The Democrat party has obviously lost its way. What used to be the “party of the people” has now morphed into something so anti-religious, anti-American, and anti-freedoms that even former Presidents like Clinton or Obama would be considered moderates in today’s political landscape. Watching a Democrat presidential debate is like watching a contest on who can promise minorities the most free stuff, who can bash Trump more, and who can blame everything on rich white people the most. If it didn’t include real world consequences, a Democrat debate would almost be something entertaining and humorous to watch.

Before we go any further, this isn’t something to persuade anyone to vote Republican. Far from it. The GOP and President Trump have their own problems to fix. But to watch the current progress the Democrat party is undergoing to go further left on a daily basis is sickening and downright disappointing. The recent attempt to impeach the President didn’t start recently or because of some single episode. Some Democratic representatives still in office today had mentioned impeaching Trump even before he was sworn into office. They have been looking to get rid of Trump since day one and have clung to any and every reason to do so. The Democratic party of “tolerance” isn’t tolerant of anything. They tried Russian “collusion”, obstruction, pay offs to actresses – none of which were successful. Instead of creating legislation to improve American lives, they spent the past year and a half trying to remove the President simply because he beat their beloved Hillary.

The fact that the Democrat party looks to silence any opposition should be very concerning to American citizens, especially minorities. If you don’t absolutely believe in the Democrat philosophy then you are considered racist, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist, or the worst of all, conservative. As a minority you aren’t allowed to think for yourself, instead you must see things through the completely biased identity politic lens. Today’s Democrat political candidate looks to utilize the same philosophical approach when getting elected – every two or four years make empty promises to minority communities and blame everything bad on white people. It’s quite obvious this is the case when you visit one of the many Democrat elected strongholds like Baltimore, Detroit, or Chicago and see the rat-infested neighborhoods that minorities have to live in. Keep in mind that it is these same communities that have consistently voted Democrat time after time only to see no change and very little hope.

But something insanely productive came out of the chaotic Democrat party and their ever-expanding anti-American policies– pushback. Americans quickly grew tired of Obama policies that heavily regulated and taxed the middle class and business owners. It needs to be noticed when someone with no history or experience in politics whatsoever comes in and demolishes a long-standing politician in a presidential election. In fact, it is something that has never been done before and quite frankly, probably could have been accomplished by any number of GOP candidates other than Donald Trump.

Today’s America is seeing record low unemployment for most minority demographics, job creation at near record pace, and wage growth that has far surpassed anything under the last administration. This isn’t necessarily a result of Trump’s personality but a more direct result of his policies. Don’t forget criminal justice reform, school choice, and education reform all specifically aimed at improving minority lives.

One last thing that must not be left out of the debate. It quickly gets old hearing just how much the left is the party of “diversity” and just how tolerant they are of everyone. What is ironic about this statement is that the current leaders for the Democrat presidential candidate are white. Even during the 2016 presidential election the remaining five Democrat candidates for president were white and rich. So much for diversity, I guess. But I do hear that one of the Democrat candidates is Native, or at least that’s what she claims to be.