COMMENTARY: Counterpunching…

by Feb 7, 2020OPINIONS


Observations and random thoughts. 




There are no football gods. My beloved Green Bay Packers needed 3 half’s to beat the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship but unfortunately most games only have two of them. No, I take that back, the Patriots are out so maybe there is a semi-benevolent football god after all. And its over, the KC Chefs beat the SF 49ers in the Sooper Bowl. I didn’t watch much of this game because I was traveling and I made sure the mute button on my remote worked when I did because the Chefs fans were definitely be howling that stupid TV Cowboy and Indian movie chant they like to do. And I’m sure they waved foam tomahawks and wore goofy looking “authentic” turkey feather headdresses too. Why can’t they be like the Raider fans and wear some really scary stuff and growl.

The MLB cheating scandal I talked about last time came to a sudden conclusion. The Houston Astros were found guilty of sign stealing. Albuquerque home town darling Alex Bregman has been awful quiet about all of this, so he’s probably guilty. People, including the team managers from the Astros and the Red Sox and the Astros GM have been fired and suspended from baseball for lengthy periods of time. The Red Sox involvement doesn’t surprise me as they hail from New England and we all know that the Patriots have no known scruples regarding cheating. Yes, Patriot fans, they do cheat because they’ve been caught doing it. Practice spying. Deflategate. Bob Kraft and the massage parlor scandal. There’s more but I don’t have enough space to list all so there.

  No surprise. I have issues with the Trump team, Kelly Anne, Sarah, Stephanie, Melania, Ivana Jr, and their explanations for Da Prez and his childish playground insult style of constant tweeting. They call this bizarre habit, “counter-punching”. I actually have pictured this “stable genius” sitting on the toilet at 3 am, hard at Prez work following a massive McDonald’s feast, furiously thumbing at his phone, hurling derogatory name calling and flinging childish insults at one and all. He has insulted Gold Star parents and 15 year old children as well as heads of state and leaders of Congress because…I dunno…because. His fans love this since, “that’s what they would do”.  I’m sorry but don’t we outgrow this type of behavior as we mature? I did. When I was 12. Counter-punching, at least to me, is having the grapes to go face to face with someone and discuss any differences of opinion, rationally. Now we have “counter-punching”. Usually followed by 10 flushes of the toilet.

Which brings me to more of Trump’s odd statements. At one of his rallies, among the topics he vented about, light bulbs that make one look orange, dead birds at windmills (?), toilet flushing was brought up. I guess being the “great environmentalist” that he is, he has a beef with lo-flo water saving toilets, don’t ask me why. Use your own imagination. Anyway, he went on a demented rant about toilets that people have to flush 10 times. Then, in mid-rant, issued a verbal disclaimer to the effect that he wasn’t referring to himself. I thought to myself, “Wow, he just owned the aftereffects of a particularly nasty fast food diet”. I was immediately grossed out.  

Last view on Trump. As you know, he has been impeached by the House of Representatives. Like Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, he’ll always be an impeached President. This week the Senate has voted to acquit him. He has claimed exoneration but nothing of the sort has occurred, he’s just not being removed as President. It’s now up to us. We have to remove him. Doesn’t matter who it is, we have to vote for them in the next election.

Random thoughts. Hey you old-timers! Remember when there were such things called “Indian cars”? They were usually the dependable family car or party car (cruise vessel) held together with duct tape and wire, sometimes missing a door or two, no rear seat and most times with a cracked windshield and always one or less headlights. An intrepid powwow singer from Oklahoma once made a popular 49 song called, “One-Eyed Ford.” Remember that? Hey you old-timers! Remember 49s?  

Ledford is a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians currently residing in Albuquerque, N.M.