COMMENTARY: Symbols and the economy…

by Jan 11, 2020OPINIONS


Observations and random thoughts. 




It’s a new year. The old year is done 7 gone. It’s 2020, and I’m gonna be another year older. My beloved Green Bay Packers are in the playoffs as I write this but I have sensed a disturbance in the Force. Something evil has happened to my Tarheels. They are struggling mightily right now and I don’t have a good feeling about their chances when the evil Sith Lord Darth Kryzyzewski and his gang from Duke come to town. Stay tuned.

It would seem that the Houston Astros recent success stems from accusations that they have/had a sophisticated system to steal signs. If you don’t know what this means, look at it basically as an opponent’s pitcher telling the Astros batter what pitch he’s throwing, what speed he’s using and where it’s gonna be located. So, even though they lost the World Series they may have cheated and this is important, stay tuned. 

Speaking of the World Series, a pro championship team actually visited the White House and President Trump. And as usual someone proceeded to embarrass themselves there. In this case it was Nationals catcher Kurt Suzuki. He put on a red MAGA hat at the WH and Trump was so giddy he slipped up behind Suzuki and gave him the most awkward hug from the rear we’ve seen lately. Guys don’t normally man hug another from behind. It’s simply not done. Trump looked so happy I thought was ready take his new Suzuki for a ride. Melania was not jealous.

Random thoughts. I find it very curious that many of the people who refuse flu shots and vaccinations to protect them and their children have no problem buying guns to protect themselves and their children. I also find it curious that so-called Right-To-Lifers have no problems caging immigrant children at the southern border and bombing other children in the Middle East but pound the Bible and howl when it comes to women’s reproductive rights in this country.  

You and I have listened to our Prez and his supporters drone incessantly about the amazing economy that he and only he could have generated, so I envisioned a classic car to symbolize the U.S. economy. Imagine a pristine 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS, straight out of Detroit. Yeah, I’m old, there aren’t any more Chevelles and the plant in Detroit is no more but, bear with me here. The keys to this Chevelle were handed to Ronald Reagan and he drove the crap out of it hoping that someone would trickle some money down for maintenance. 

Reagan passed a faded, nearly worn out clunker to Bill Clinton. Clinton, with the help of some bi-partisan friends, restored this car to its original glory, new 396 engine, 4-speed Hurst transmission, fresh 60 series tires all around, new paint and gave it to George W Bush. George took it and drove it around Iraq and Afghanistan without adding oil until the engine nearly seized. He handed the keys to Barack Obama but gave the pink slip to the GOP. 

Obama tried to restore the car without any support from the GOP and managed to tinker and borrow to eventually get the car back to its glory. Then Trump took over. He hasn’t really done anything to the car except pump some hi-test fuel, add some orange window tint and a really loud obnoxious sound system but naturally claimed credit for the total restoration. Along the way he’s managed to loosen the lug nuts so get ready for a really bumpy ride in the future. 

I saw in the One Feather that the tribe passed authorization to create a Cannibal Commission. I thought to myself “what an odd idea.” Then I re-read the article and saw that we want to create, again, a Cannabis Commission. It’s a great idea to ponder but we have to consider the trend many of the rest of the country who have legalized access to cannabis. These states, Illinois being the latest, New Mexico is next, have established legal access to medical and recreational cannabis. We need to be ahead of the game or at least in the game when the Federal government finally removes cannabis from the banned list and legalizes it. It’s only a matter of time. If you look at a map of the states still holding back you’ll see that NC along with the rest of the redneck Southern or Midwest states still cling to their backwards beliefs, we need to step far away from them and be a little more progressive. EBCI. Leaders, not followers. 

Finally. I saw in a recent paper that my brother E has made the ultimate decision to sacrifice his old joints, and spine, to ride a bicycle to Indian Territory. He’ll need a few things in order to accomplish this thing successfully. Number one: A big ol’ wide comfortable seat, maybe padded with Memory Foam as that usual narrow bicycle seat will not at all be good for his perineum. Two: And I can’t stress this enough. Someone to ride with or adjacent to him carrying an oxygen bottle or two. And a gallon of IcyHot. And the quart jug of Tylenol. And thick earplugs because the after-ride complaining will be intense. I’m joking of course. Maybe. 

Ledford is a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians currently residing in Albuquerque, N.M.