Working group formed to evaluate housing merger

by Jan 28, 2019NEWS ka-no-he-da


The leadership within the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI) has been evaluating the potential benefits of merging the Qualla Housing Authority within the EBCI Housing Division.  EBCI Resolution #380 (2018) authorized the Housing Division to move forward with this merger, with many aspects of this project being completed.  There are a few minor next steps in completing the merger to ensure future success.  These steps include the passage of an Ordinance giving the legal framework to the Division.

“I recognize that any time there is a proposed change within EBCI government structure that impacts employees there needs to be open and detailed communications with all the key stakeholders,” said Principal Chief Richard G. Sneed.  “I have requested this working group to help facilitate communication to employees and other interested parties developing the plan will create a strategic and concerted effort by all of the key stakeholders.”

The working group will be comprised of Chief Sneed, Vice Chief Alan B. Ensley, members of the Housing Board, Tribal Council representatives, Secretary of Housing Travis Smith, a Human Resources representative, a Treasury Division representative, and two employee representatives from Qualla Housing.

– EBCI Public Relations release

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