COMMENTARY: Trump and Metamucil…

by Sep 6, 2018OPINIONS

Observations and random thoughts Volume 2018 1.7




We’ve lost two giants in the last couple of weeks as both Aretha Franklin, “The Queen of Soul”, and Senator John McCain have both walked on. Both are the kind of people that only pass through our lives once. We will miss them.

In the world of music, Aretha Franklin was incomparable and the divas out there today couldn’t hold a candle to her abilities. As time marches on, we’re going to say farewell to other singers with the kinds of voices that all of the effects and studios tweaks can’t imitate such as Carol King, Patti Labelle, or Linda Ronstadt. Kids today listen to performers called Beyonce or Cardi B or Kesha and with all of the studio tricks used their listeners wouldn’t know what real talent is. Too bad. Good music is lost on the youth.

In the world of politics, John McCain was head and shoulders above the sort of swamp dweller that now haunts the hallways of the Senate and House of Representatives. When he voted for or created legislation he had the people of the United States on his mind, not just his political party. He refused to vote party simply to vote party and ruffled feathers in doing so. He was a man of honor and principal with genuine class and we’ll never see his like in Congress again. Me, I liked him simply because he wouldn’t kiss Trump’s butt and that ticked the big orange baby off. No “glute smooching” here.

Observation: Has anyone ever noticed that in every photo op involving world leaders and chairs, President Trump sits near the edge of the chair like he’s sitting on the great, white, porcelain throne taking a big ol’…err…waiting patiently for the Metamucil to kick in. The person next to him, Macron, Merkel, Putin, whomever, all sit relaxed and comfortable, kinda like they’re in a chair? Maybe that posture is comfortable for him. Maybe that’s where all of the texting occurs. I dunno, puts my legs to sleep sitting like that. No wonder he’s always angry on Twitter.

LeBron James was on the Don Lemon show which airs on CNN a while back to talk about his participation in the opening of the I Promise School in Akron, Ohio for underprivileged and disadvantaged children. Naturally Trump, who insists that he doesn’t watch CNN, stated on Twitter that he saw the interview on CNN (???) and proceeded to make insulting remarks regarding the intelligence of these two black men. LeBron, demonstrating remarkable restraint that is a hallmark of intelligence, proceeded to “burn” Trump by stating that he’s putting children in schools, not cages.

Colin Kaepernick was voted as one of the faces of Nike’s new sales campaign and the uproar began. White folks stirred up by Trump burned the shoes and apparel they had purchased and posted the burning on social media. I think that it’s funny to purchase something and burn it. You’re hurting no one but your own wallet. I myself have never worn anything Nike but I think I’ll go buy some now. Native people know that Colin Kaepernick has stood with us with support and we’ll return that support.

Trump, as we know, has been very vocal regarding what he and Stephen Miller call “chain migration”. In other words, the relatives of someone who has obtained a “green card” being granted legal status due to that “green card”. Melania Trumps’ parents were just granted legal status. Stephen Millers grandparents were also chain migrants but all have one thing in common. They came here from Europe, not the “$%!thole countries” Trump rails about. The hypocrisy is hip-deep in Trumpland.

There was a recent editorial and then a letter from a concerned citizen in the One Finger regarding voting in elections off the Rez. If you know me you know that I totally agree with this. Voting is important. Very important. If you don’t believe me look at what staying home and not voting resulted in last November. He’s orange, he’s in way over his head, most of his advisers are idiots and yes men and his sons are retar…they are not bright. And, because he didn’t get to buy into Indian Gaming way back when, still hates Natives. Fact. He’s doomed. Just a matter of time.

I had a thought. Someone on the Rez should start a ride-sharing service. And, since Uber is taken the service could be called Guber. All of the drivers would be Guber-drivers. Whatcha think?

Ledford is an EBCI tribal member currently residing in Albuquerque, NM.