COMMENTARY: It’s a brand New Year, hope it ain’t the same as the old year….

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Observations and random thoughts 21.2




It’s a brand new year, 2018. I was thinking about a many things the other day and came to a realization. I wish I had some Minions. Yes, I’m talking about those little yellow guys who wander around speaking their own odd language and are at the beck and call of their master. Mine have all grown up.

Semi-kudos to the Cleveland MLB team. In case you haven’t heard, they’re dropping the offensive and racist Chief Wahoo logo from the team’s uniforms. In 2019. In 2018 however, the logo will still be there for all to see. And, in a move to pacify the racists in Ohio who see nothing wrong with the caricature, the team will continue to sell gear with the logo in northeast Ohio. Question for you. Does anyone out there know the difference between dark chicken excrement and light chicken excrement? The answer is: there is no difference, it’s all chickens@#t. Way to go Cleveland! Next, Kansas City, Atlanta, Chicago and Trump’s favorite team, Washington.

When last I wrote (and was published) there was a tell-all book about the Trump Whiter House published, good reading in the “O”. The esteemed AG and part-time possum Jeff Sessions decided to rescind President Obama’s long-standing order to leave alone the states that have legalized marijuana sales and Donald Trump called Haiti and a bunch of African nations, s#!thole countries. Nice. Now the news has surfaced that he wanted to fire Special Investigator Mueller last summer. Mr. Mueller seems to be putting an “obstruction” case together, nothing about collusion is being said, except by Trump, and obstruction is an impeachable offense. If Trump was innocent, wouldn’t he shut up and let this play out?

My wife and I saw the film “Wind River”, good action but flawed story. I say this because every film that White Hollywood cranks out depicting Native people always seems to have us needing to be saved by someone. There’s always a white man around to save us. Anybody remember the Billy Jack films? That’s too bad, I’m so sorry and…I do feel for you.

Speaking of Pocahontas, the true story of this little Native girl has been airbrushed, whitewashed and romanticized by Hollywood until our President seems to only know the animated Disney film version and so, throws her nickname out as a racial insult. (Don’t tell him but that “name” is a nickname and means “naughty” in her language, we won’t tell him her real name). Kinda wonder if his aides calm him down when he has one of his tantrums after hearing bad news and distract him by turning Tom and Jerry on. That’s a shame because the true story of Pocahontas is ultimately depicted in Wind River. An ugly statistic, she was the first documented case of the abduction, rape and ultimate murder of a Native woman. Wonder why it makes me and others so angry when Trump uses her as an insult?

I wanna heave a shout out (do people still say that?) to the Swain High School ladies basketball team for two reasons. Number one: my niece is playing on that team and I hear she’s pretty darn good. I’d say that she takes after her uncle Bill but…no, I will say that, she does. Two: my niece is playing on that team. There, two great reasons to go watch the team.

And, before you start a hate mail campaign on Facebook and Twitter, remember two things, one: I don’t have accounts to any of that crap, two: yes, I do support the CHS ladies BBall team, last report they were spreading around a healthy dose of KA to one and all. I don’t have any nieces playing on the team, but there’s plenty of homegurl representation. So, it’s all good.

Last, but not least! Massive congratulations are in order for the CHS Braves football team! State champs! Things sure have changed since my days at CHS. The team has gotten larger, the players have gotten larger and maybe just a little faster. Way to go guys! Time to splurge and get some big ol’ gaudy championship bling. Big ol’ rings. And, make sure to wear ‘em when you go to Sylva or Bryson City and wave your finger at people. Ring finger, ring finger…geez. Someone be kind enough to send me a XXL tee. Time to represent CHS in NM. Bigly.

Ledford is an EBCI tribal member currently living in Albuquerque, NM.