PUBLIC NOTICE: List of deceased EBCI tribal members (April 1 – Sept. 30, 2017)

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Per EBCI Enrollment Office

This is a list of deceased members of the Tribe whose estate is entitled to a pro rata share of the deceased members per capita distribution of net gaming revenues for the period April 1, 2017 –Sept. 30, 2017 pursuant to Section16C-5 of the Cherokee Code.

This section does not apply to deceased minors.  Distribution to the estate of a deceased member may be made only to the authorized, or court appointed, fiduciary, affiant, executor or administrator of the estate.  The Enrollment Office must have on file a letter or written document from the Cherokee Court or other court appointing a fiduciary, affiant, executor or administrator for the estate.  Please submit in person to the Tribal Enrollment Office at 808 Acquoni Road, Ginger Lynn Welch Complex or mail to Enrollment Office, PO Box 2069, Cherokee, NC 28719.

Please report the death of an enrolled member to the Enrollment Office at 828-359-6465, 6467, 6468 or 6469 or call if you have any questions.

Each person is shown with their date of death, full name and executor(s) name(s).

4/1/2017        Margaret Alyne Lossiah, Fiduciary Tommie S. Lossiah

4/1/2017        Luzene Thompson, Fiduciary Franklin David Thompson

4/6/2017        Charles Francis Rogers, Jr.

4/9/2017        Terril Allen McCoy, Spouse Deborah Dee Walkingstick

4/15/2017     Theodore Jerome Brady, Spouse Jean B. Brady

4/19/2017     Jennifer Dawn Dugan

4/23/2017     Joseph Stephen Watty

4/28/2017     Richard Terry Reed, Fiduciary Kimberly Crowe

5/2/2017        Mary Hazel Lambert, Fiduciary Pamela Lambert

5/3/2017        Wilbur George Long, Fiduciary Garfield Long, Sr.

5/4/2017        Lois Rebecca McLeymore

5/10/2017     William Perry Pheasant

5/12/2017     Thomas Jay McCoy, Fiduciary Jayson Crusenberry

5/28/2017     Sara Jane Wabagkeck

5/29/2017     Billy Joe Swayney, Fiduciary Norma Swayney

5/30/2017     Candler Dennis Reagan, Fiduciary Michele Reagan

5/31/2017     Elsie Ann Hunt, Affiant Glen E. Hunt

6/4/2017        Amy Autumn Crowe

6/4/2017        Roy Lee Tolley, Clerk of Superior Court for the Estate of Roy L. Tolley

6/7/2017        Donald Roberts, Personal Representative Kara Carter

6/8/2017        Elizabeth Inez Rattler, Fiduciary Elsie Biddix

6/11/2017     Angela Lynn Ledford Jackson, Fiduciary Jennifer Jackson

6/11/2017     Thomas Ronson Rickman

6/14/2017     Arnessa Mae Wilnoty

6/17/2017     Samantha Rene Larch

6/22/2017     George Curtis Arneach, Sr., Fiduciary Frances O. Arneach

6/22/2017     Rose Marie Crisp, Fiduciary Glenn Crisp

6/23/2017     Lida Fay Locust

6/25/2017     Faye Queen

6/26/2017     Thomas Edward Hensley

6/27/2017     James Robert Smith

6/28/2017     James Edward Ledford

6/30/2017     Elizabeth Ann Bryson

7/1/2017        Devan Whisper Jackson

7/3/2017        Jessie Swimmer, Fiduciary Virgil Monroe Swimmer

7/7/2017        Fredrick Jackson Bradley, Fiduciary Danny Ellis

7/8/2017        Catherine Barbara Adams, Fiduciary Keith W. Adams

7/10/2017     Jessie Kathleen Maney, Fiduciary Kimberly Driver

7/10/2017     Rosie Evelyn Marler, Fiduciary Mary Jane Ward

7/13/2017     Ethel Lambert, Fiduciary Walter Lambert

7/16/2017     Elnora Nell Maney, Fiduciary John Winfred Maney

7/18/2017     Fay Elizabeth Barbee, Affiant Donald Lee Barbee

8/9/2017        Jose Guadalupe Martinez, Jr., Fiduicary Jose Martinez, Sr.

8/10/2017     JuanJose Estrada Olivares

8/15/2017     Geraldine Walkingstick, Fiduciary Mary Welch Thompson

8/20/2017     Zada Irene Hammontree

8/21/2017     Shirley Evelyn Oswalt

8/22/2017     Joseph Robinette French, Fiduciary Delores L. Shell

8/23/2017     Frances Ellen Reed, Fiduciary Lori A. Reed

8/23/2017     David Lamar Wachacha

8/24/2017     Annie James, Fiduciary James Tooni

8/24/2017     James Joseph Ledford

8/27/2017     Dinah Welch, Fiduciary Martha V. Oocumma

9/5/2017        Brenda Joyce Key

9/5/2017        Caleb Mark Welch

9/12/2017     Stacey Alice Clapp

9/14/2017     Samuel David Taylor, Fiduciary Peggy L. Bradley

9/21/2017     Icey Elizabeth Derreberry

9/22/2017     Robert William Sherrill, Jr., Fiduciary Erin Elizabeth Sherrill

9/26/2017     Samma Audine Black

9/28/2017     Donald Ray Davis