EBCI tribal members have unclaimed IIM monies

by Oct 17, 2017General Announcements0 comments


The EBCI Enrollment Office has been notified that the following individuals have remaining IIM monies in their accounts.  To claim the funds, please contact Sheree Steve at 615-564-6933.

Deweese Armachain, Jr.

Michael Perry Buchanan Estate

Sonya Michelle Carey

Melissa Gail Chastain Gibson

John David Crowe

Edward Daniel Driver

Theresa Ann French

Charlene Lorene Hensley Cornwell

Margaret Lois Jackson

Doris Ione Bennett Kirkpatrick

Mary E. Peavy

Carrie Raper Estate

Cinthia M. Raper

Katherine D. Raper

Janie R. Reed

Aaron Tyrone Smith

Jeanette Smoker

James Donald Taylor

Julius Francis Taylor

Arsene Treat Thompson

Shelley Elaine Greenwalt