LETTER: Reader opposes Lumbee recognition efforts

by Sep 27, 2017OPINIONS0 comments


The Lumbee Tribe’s petition for federal status is a forest with no trees.  That group of non-profit organization people is not a historical native first nations tribal community.  Anyone supporting that lie should view all the documents I have that shows they are a false native group as Lumbee.

They have no native tribal history as Lumbee before 1950-51 as a name the state allowed them to make up.  Then, in 1955, Fuller Lowry testified at a congressional Indian DC commission he wanted federal status as a Lumbee Indian.  Then, when asked in an open forum what nationality he is he stated Cherokee.  Now the so-called Lumbee Bill states that they are Cheraw.  How can a native nation become recognized with so many confused names of so-called history?

Now that they have been told they may be close to federal status, and that they have to finally have a real native history and culture they have taken on the Tuscarora culture language and time line history to validate their native history.


Robert Chavis

Red Springs, NC