LETTER: Tribal elder addresses safety concerns

by Sep 18, 2017OPINIONS0 comments


Dear Editor,

The cell tower. We have one overlooking Wagon Wheel Gap Road and what I wonder is why it has no light? There are planes. Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions. I think this needs to be remedied soon. There could be a major disaster if not.

Another subject I’m dwelling on is that our roads need the lines redone. They are no longer visible – a great danger. Also, people need to slow down.  As I said before, they are very rude drivers, bright lighting, riding our bumpers, and we have seen people come very close to getting hit in town, rude and crazy drivers! The police need to watch and give those people tickets.

I’m happy the Council is talking about the light problem. Like they say, enough is enough! I think six people have lost their lives now.

Please Council, don’t just talk about it this time. Remedy the situation. Thank you.


Annette Fish