COMMENTARY: Festivus and new business…

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Observations and random thoughts Volume 21.1




Sorry folks, this issue is kinda old, the guys at the One Feather threw my last one in the trash I guess. The past few weeks have been eye-openers both at home and abroad so I get it. The soap opera that is the Trump Administration continues to stumble along generating headlines and news every day. And the reality show called EBCI Tribal Government closed a chapter that could be called “See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya” with a backstory titled “the Feds are snooping around and crawling up our dark areas.” That last one will last as long as it does. I wonder, did they, the FBI, absolutely have to be called in? They’re kinda peeved at Trump now, maybe they’ll leave us alone and go after him. Right. After the South Dakota AIM events they still don’t like us.

The dust has settled and we have a new Principal Chief. It’s not like he suddenly appeared out of the mist since he was already our Vice Chief but I do want to stress something to all tribal members here. I know that our new Principal Chief Sneed is not the guy that you voted for, nor is he the guy that you voted against nonetheless he has the job and now sits in that big ol’ chair. He’s got everyone’s eyes on him and is truly under the microscope. I don’t envy him because of the way things went down, but he’s our leader and we need to respect him as such. Give the man a chance and he can do the job. Now, if that statement doesn’t get me an appointment to be acting Vice Chief I don’t know what can. Vice Chief William Ledford. Dang, I like the sound of that. And, keep your remarks to yourself because real men don’t say LOL, only real girls and real women.

If you’re a Republican, the Prez and his team are doing magnificently…yeah, you say it even though it’s unknown whether you actually believe it or not. Trump left the country a little while ago and we knew but didn’t care. I kinda hoped they would keep him but they didn’t want him either. He went to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Rome and Belgium. In Saudi Arabia he “danced” with a buncha men with swords (while Melania laughed at him…sorry…I mean with him…yeah…that’s right…we all laugh with him) and gripped some kinda glowing orb. After landing in Israel he stated that he had just arrived from the Middle East (whaaat…) and then fully outed Israeli intelligence. Gonna be a long four years. George Bush was way more dignified than Donald Trump. Imagine that…

On two occasions on the trip First Lady Trump actually slapped her husband’s hand away when he remembered she was there. After landing in Israel and walking on the red carpet, he forced her to walk slightly behind him and then realizing, reached out for her hand. Nope! Rejected!

Speaking of rejection and basketball, the NBA Finals are done. It was a three-peat of the last two Finals starring the Warriors and Cavaliers. The addition of Kevin Durant on a skilled Warrior team was everything the pundits said it would be as the Warriors destroyed the Cavaliers in Games 1 and 2. At Cleveland, it was close in Game 3 and the Cavaliers ran the Warriors off the court in Game 4. So much for a playoff sweep. Then, Golden State took care of business in Game 5 and sent LeBron home trophy-less…again. I must stress once more that I’m a Lakers fan and have been for 49 years but, these Warriors make watching the NBA fun again. I didn’t realize how much I missed Magic, Kareem, James Worthy and the rest of L.A.’s Showtime brand of ball. The Warriors run the court, find the open man, pass, play tight defense and throw a lotta, lotta deep three-balls. The days of isolation, one on one, stogy old-school NBA ball are almost gone. Finally. It’ll be kinda tough on guys who dreamed of being the star while playing on a playground to have to learn to pass off but that’s the way to a ring now.

Oh yeah, by the way, I was joking about the appointment as acting Vice Chief.


OK, if you insist.

Ledford is an EBCI tribal member currently living in Albuquerque, NM.