COMMENTARY: Action, reaction…or distraction issue

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Observations and random thoughts Vol. 19.1




It seems these days that the action never stops. It’s been another busy few weeks. The soap opera at the homeland continues to churn with the current action/reaction phase. Impeachment. Impeachment veto. Impeachment veto override. Court action. Grand Council action. Special Council reaction. I’m dizzy.

I truly believe that impeachment proceedings are a troubling aspect of political life and should only be used under extreme circumstances and only when all other avenues of relief are exhausted. Originally intended to provide a way to throw out an elected official who has seriously violated constitutional law, it’s become a farce as witnessed by the most recent misadventure I call adulterers vs adulterer, i.e. House of Representatives vs. President Bill Clinton. Nobody won that one. Regarding the drama unfolding over at the EBCI Council House, I sincerely hope that it’s more than hurt feelings and stomped-on-toes. I mean after all, we tribal members elected Patrick Lambert.  The evidence should be presented to the people to allow us to decide. Then, if the evidence is truly overwhelming call for a referendum and let us voters decide.

March Madness is over and the University of North Carolina Tarheels are National Champions for the 2016-2017 season. I hate to say this, but the games with Oregon and Gonzaga kinda sucked. Actually, all of the Final Four games inside that huge football stadium/barn in Glendale, Ariz. sucked. I think that the NCAA’s trend of taking the Final Four away from basketball arenas and converting huge football stadiums into basketball venues suck. It’s all about attendance and money. It’s only my opinion, but quantity does not equal quality. The games were offensively sloppy with the referees dictating flow by making inconsistent calls against both teams.  Violent collisions were ignored with ticky-tack touch fouls being called. At least these calls affected both teams equally and didn’t give any advantage. Someone needs to remind the officials that we tune in while others pay top dollar to watch the game, not them. Oh, by the way, CAROLINA WON! Duke who?

The NCAA’s investigation into academic improprieties at UNC came back to the headlines during the tournament. It brings me back to one of the more prominent athletes speaking out, a former player from the Asheville area, one Rashad McCants. He has a National Championship ring and played a little NBA.  I assume that he’s a millionaire.  I never could understand why he tried to be a whistleblower. Maybe he was upset that he failed the imaginary black studies classes being offered to the members of the UNC football team? Or, maybe his mama simply dropped him on his head one too many times.

Do you remember last year when the black actors and directors threatened to boycott the Academy Awards because no films starring or directed by black people were nominated. And, remember what happened at the Oscars this year? The fix was in. I really thought that finally, maybe more Indian actors and directors would be spotlighted. I was right, they were. One problem, they all speak Hindi.

Now to the Trump stuff. After all of the campaign hoopla and rhetoric, the Trump regime didn’t muster enough Republican votes to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act and failed to compel Congress to ignore his Russia scandal.  So, first he invented a wiretapping claim against President Obama and then sent 59 cruise missiles to hit a Syrian airbase. Distractions. Of course, he warned the Russians first.  They warned the Syrians and nothing was accomplished except Trump looked kinda tough. Still didn’t repeal and replace Obamacare though and people haven’t forgotten about Russia’s involvement in our election system. Border wall next.

If you look closely at President Trump’s record, really look at it, he’s done absolutely nothing since being elected. Nothing. Oh, he’s made a big show with the signing of the Executive Actions and Orders, good PR, energize the base stuff, but really, nothing has been accomplished. All these Actions and Orders do is authorize studies and committees. Everything has been put forth to tweak the pinheads. Trump is like a game show host, lotta bluster, pizzazz, lights and whistles and no substance. His Twitter posts are funny though.

People please take care of yourselves, watch your health and remember, a banana a day is good for colon health. And, also remember, you have to eat them for them to work. See you next time boys and girls.

Ledford is an EBCI tribal member currently living in Albuquerque, NM.