LETTER: Divided house cannot serve Cherokee people

by Apr 17, 2017OPINIONS0 comments


Mr. Jumper,

I am truly sorry that anyone should have to be addressing the current negative status of our tribal government.  A house divided cannot serve the best interest of the Cherokee people.  This is my personal opinion, but I think there is too much energy and effort being expended in order to protect some tribal representatives’ personal interests and to execute their vendettas.  There is probably not one elected official of our Tribe who has not promised to restore and/or uphold honor and integrity during their campaign for office.  This one promise that sometimes can make a major difference if sincerely presented.

The time has come for all tribal members to demand that we be shown the truth, honor, and integrity that we so rightly deserve.  It is not just a matter of local politics.  The world is watching.  What are people seeing and what are they thinking about our ability to professionally and ethically serve the best interest of our people?  We, the people, and constituents, should not have to endure the self -inflicted degradation of our own government.

It is time to stand tall and show that we are the people that God intended us to be.  It is way past time to start working together.  The healing should begin, and let it begin now.


Larry Maney

Fall Branch, Tenn.