LETTER: Respect is two-way street

by Apr 10, 2017OPINIONS0 comments


Representative Mike Clampitt, NC House District 119, explained to his constituents, at his town hall meeting of Feb. 24 in the Waynesville Haywood County Historic Courthouse, how “in Raleigh we have red buttons and green buttons” to vote on matters before the legislature. At the next town hall, March 31, at the beautiful Jackson County Library in Sylva, we displayed small red and green squares, to respectfully and peacefully express our opinions. Mr. Clampitt’s response to our small red and green squares (6″x6″ or so) was, in essence, “no signs, or I’ll have you thrown out”.

Does this seem an egregious attempt to suppress constitutionally protected expression? Mr. Clampitt stated that he was “here to listen” to us, but a good bit of his time was spent lecturing as if we were not his employer, but wayward children. This, despite the fact that he was the youngster in the room. Respect is a two-way street.


Bil Aylor

Bryson City, NC