LETTER: Money should not determine state, federal elections

by Apr 5, 2017OPINIONS0 comments


(Editor’s Note: Ms. Hibbard is referring to municipal, state, and federal elections; not tribal elections.)

Dear Editor,

I would like voters to determine who wins our elections.

Would you like to have a chance to vote on a ballot measure to affirm that:

  1. Individual people have constitutional rights but corporations do not. Super PACs, unions, and other large donors to political campaigns are subject to regulation by the people, through federal, state, or local law.
  2. Money is property and is not free speech. Money cannot be used to determine the outcome of elections through high dollar marketing techniques.

We would like folks to:

  1. Read and sign the petition: www.ncwethepeople.org
  2. Write emails and post cards to your legislators.
  3. Get other non-profit organizations to partner with the sponsoring groups in our coalition. (There are currently twenty groups.) See website linked above.

With enough public support, the legislators in Raleigh will recognize the wisdom in allowing  North Carolinians to vote in November 2018 on  just such a ballot measure.


Ann Hibbard

Lake Junaluska, NC